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Our friends at BXE—Beyond Extreme Energy—are in the midst of a “FERC Into FREC” campaign, to transform FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory, Commission (a rubber-stamper of pipeline interstate permits) into FREC, th

To that end, BXE is circulating a sign on statement, which we have pasted below. OVEC has signed on.

If you or another group with which you are affiliated is interested in getting involved in the campaign to turn the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission into the Federal Renewable Energy Commission, please fill out this short form so BXE can be in touch with you about the campaign. 

The Statement: The Green New Deal Must Include a Federal Renewable Energy Commission to Replace FERC
The Green New Deal can unite the people of this country to concentrate our collective efforts on the historic and urgent task of transforming our energy system and economy by 2030. While moving swiftly to energy efficiency and wind, solar and other renewables, we can create millions of well-paying, union jobs, including for those historically and still discriminated against and for those now working in the fossil fuel industry.

In order for the GND to succeed, it must include the transformation of the federal agency responsible for regulating and overseeing the U.S. electrical grid—FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 

A transformed FERC would no longer serve as a revolving door between the fossil fuel industry and agency commissioners and employees. No longer would it disrupt lives and communities and facilitate the expansion of fracked-gas pipelines and other infrastructure. No longer would it rubber-stamp permits, as it has while granting permission for all but two of more than 400 interstate gas projects since the 1990s. It is time for FERC’s abuses to end.

Leaders and employees of a new Federal Renewable Energy Commission (FREC) must be committed to shifting rapidly from fossil fuels to renewables.

FREC’s purpose must be explicit in a mission statement: It must lead the urgent work of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shifting rapidly to a renewable, jobs-creating, justice-based and energy-efficient power grid and economy. Nearby communities will be notified from the start and involved with planning for proposed new or expanded energy infrastructure.

FREC’s funding must not be dependent on fossil fuel industry “fee-for-service.” Right now, ALL of FERC’s budget comes from fees on industries that have business before the agency. Given the power of the fossil fuel industry, this arrangement encourages corruption and pro-industry bias.

As we continue to resist FERC, fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure, we will build a movement toward this critical goal of replacing FERC with FREC.  We urge elected officials, media outlets, community and religious leaders and all people of good will to join us in our public call for FERC to be replaced by FREC.

A longer version of this statement and the more 215 local, state, regional and national organizations who have signed it can be found here.

Stay tuned! Working with local groups, BXE is bringing the FERC Into FREC Roadshow! to Virginia and West Virginia in October.  Here in WV, we hope to see you at 5 p.m. on October 18 at the Doddridge County Senior Center. This event  (crossed out note) will not take place. We will instead by attending the memorial for April Keating.

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