For Sanity’s Sake: Come to a Hearing to Oppose Coal-to-Liquid Plant in Mason County

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There is a new threat on the horizon for your neck of the woods! Kevin Whited’s Domestic Synthetic Fuels is applying for a permit to build a toxic coal liquefaction plant along the Ohio River in Mason County, WV. (Note that Kevin Whited is “the head of a West Virginia company that has not repaid a $250,000 loan to Washington County (who) is (now) proposing a $1.2 billion energy project in western West Virginia.“)

If you are getting this email, then you live or do business within a 50 mile radius of the proposed plant, and your health and well-being is at risk!

If built, the plant would spew more than 71 tons of carbon monoxide, 80 tons of nitrogen oxides, 132 tons of fine particulate matter, 83 tons of sulfur dioxide, 86 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more than 16 tons of other unnamed hazardous air pollutants per year! And this facility would be within three miles of both Point Pleasant Middle and High Schools!

All for the fool’s errand of turning coal into diesel fuel, a “technology” that has proven time and again to be uneconomical and downright stupid.

What can you do? Come out for the air quality permit hearing this Tuesday, July 30 at 6 p.m. at the Mason County Courthouse, 200 Sixth Street, Point Pleasant, WV 25550. 

Find all the details from the DEP Public Meeting Notice here.

Can’t come to the hearing? Please do submit comments. Find the details you will need for commenting here, along with some links to relevant news stories. E-mail if you would like some tips for commenting.



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