Sobonya Supporting Cancer Creek Bill; Defend Clean Water, Come to Public Hearing Monday

How disappointing that Kelli Sobonya, Delegate from the 18th District (Cabell County), voted to increase cancer-causing chemicals and other toxins into our state’s water by voting for HB 2506 during a session of the House Judiciary Committee!  Isn’t being for clean, safe water a pro-life issue?

The WV House has scheduled a public hearing on the toxic water bill, HB 2506, also known as the “cancer creek bill” for MONDAY, 2/27, at 8:30 a.m. in the House Chamber of the Capitol Building. Please come out! 

To calculate permit limits, regulators use “critical design flow” to determine the amount of pollution a stream can hold without posing a threat to human health, including toxins like lead or mercury that may harm the unborn or the nervous system of young children. 

HB2506 would allow more of the most harmful toxins to human health to be dumped into our state’s rivers and streams.  It also would allow polluters to locate closer together creating larger toxic “hotspots.”  Unfortunately, our Ohio River, a drinking water source for more 3 million people in our region, is already the most polluted river in the nation.

In 2014, West Virginians received an unfortunate lesson about how clean water and economic development go hand in hand.  The taps of 300,000 were turned off after a coal-cleaning chemical poured into the Elk River less than a mile above the drinking water intake.  Schools, restaurants, hotels and other businesses were forced to close; chaos ensued as citizens sought bottled water for cooking, drinking and bathing.  Understandably, that water crisis was the result of a catastrophic failure; however, if we continue to allow polluters to increase toxins and cancer-causing chemicals in our rivers and streams, a slow-motion catastrophe may unfold as they kill us drop by drop.

Delegate Sobonya should vote against this bill when it’s taken up by the full House.  Contact her at: (304) 340-3175 or email her at  An please do come voice your opinion on HB 2506 at the public hearing in the House Chamber this coming Monday at 8:30 a.m. 

Check out WV Rivers’ Coalition summary sheet on HB 2506 to learn how this bad bill would allow more toxins into our water.

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