Knock Down The House Comes to Netflix May 1

You may recall that OVEC member Paula Jean Swearengin (third woman from the left, above) ran for U.S. Senate in the last election. We reported on that in this blog, in which we noted: “Paula put up a great fight! She received 48,302 votes or a total of 30.2 percent of all votes cast (159,372) for U.S. Senator in the May 9 WV Democratic primary.”

Even though she’s not a political candidate at the moment, Paula’s been in the news a lot of late, because of Knock Down the House, a documentary which features Paula Jean and three other women as they ran for office. (See “Doc Knocks Down the House” on page eight of the Spring edition of our newsletter.) 

One of the other women in the documentary, now Congresswoman , recently tweeted, “Before my primary, three women & I agreed to film our journey of trying to run for office without big money. Now, hits Netflix & select theaters next week, May 1st. To find or host a local community screening, follow:

Warm up your Netflix watching device; you can start watching on May 1! And stayed tuned for screenings nearby…  #KnockDownTheHouse

Watch: Netflix’s Knock Down the House trailer is here to make politics feel a little more hopeful

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