Hey WV, If You Haven’t Voted Yet, Vote!

From the League of Women Voters of the Huntington Area:

November 6 is almost here. Are you prepared?  WV polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Early Voting: November 3 is the last day we can vote early in West Virginia. In Cabell County we can vote early at the Cabell County Courthouse, Ona Sheriff’s Office, and Marshall University’s student center. If you live in another county, check with your county’s website or county clerk to find out where you can vote early.

Who Will You Vote For: The Huntington Herald-Dispatch published an Elections issue on October 21. The information, plus late entries from candidates, is also on its website. You may google the Herald-Dispatch Elections 2018 General to access the information on the candidates and their answers to questions. The League of Women Voters of West Virginia includes candidates’ information and information on the proposed amendments to the WV Constitution on its website – lwvwv.org. It also includes links to the two videos of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals debates. VOTE411 also has information on the elections and a few candidates.

Your Delegate District: Are you confused about which delegate district you reside in? Go to the WV Secretary of State’s website, link to Elections, Voter Registration, Check Your Voter Registration.  It also provides the address of your polling place.

Voting Machines and Disability Act Standards: Cabell County bought new voting machines. The machine  provides a paper copy of how you voted so you can observe if the machine recorded your vote properly. The machines comply with the Americans with Disability Act standards, includes headphones for the visually impaired, and has a separate control pad written in Braille. Each machine may also be adjusted as to the screen’s contrast and text size. A poll worker will assist in this adjustment. A poll worker from each party will assist voters who require more assistance.

Absentee Voting: Check with your voter registration office for procedures and deadlines. Also if you or someone else needs to vote an Emergency Absentee Ballot, contact the voter registration office. A Democrat and a Republican will come to your residence to ensure that you can vote.

Voter ID: You will need to bring ID to show to the poll workers before you vote. West Virginia allows all kinds of ID – driver’s license, utility bill, student, SNAP and TANF. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Voter Registration, etc. If your ID is not listed here, check with the Secretary of State’s Office for a longer list.

Improprieties at the Polls:If you see something that you think is improper at the polls, you may contact the county clerk’s office, 304-526-8625, or the Voter Registration Office, 304-526-8633.  The Secretary of State’s office number is 304-558-6000.

The above information was prepared by the League of Women Voters of the Huntington Area. ”Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy”. 304-736-3287.

For links to much of the information listed above and more, also see:

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  1. We are all equal with one vote per person. Please vote November 6th. Be part of deciding our future.

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