Share Stories of the Ground Beneath Your Heart

HobetYour story — the story of the land you love and the assaults your homeplace endures at the hand of extractive industries — deserves to be seen and heard around the world. That’s why we hope you’ll come to The Ground Beneath Our Hearts on September 12, starting at 11 a.m. at the Kanawha State Forest, Shelter No. 6.

But don’t wait till then to share your story. The core team of The Ground Beneath Our Hearts is set to help you share the pictures, videos and statements that best tell your story. The team is already sending news of all the global events to the media, as well as posting on social media (see Twitter, Facebook and use the hashtag #HeartGround), and their own website. On the big day, September 12, they’ll share more images of the events around the world. Then, in the fall, all the information will be shaped into a video.

How to Send Your Photos and Video:
The team has set up a Google Drive site where you can send all your photos, videos, and recordings. Click here to upload your photos, video, and audio recordings. (In order to use the Google Drive app, you will need to have a Google account. There is no charge and it is easy to do. Just click here and follow the instructions.)

If Google doesn’t work for you, send your photos, etc. to

When to Send Your Photos, etc.:
There are three time periods and deadlines for submitting information about your event:

1. Now – Sept. 11: Send photos or video about your community, the situation you’re facing with mining or gas-/oil-drilling, and information about the event you’ll be doing.

2. Sept. 12: This is the day of our big event! As soon as possible, after or even during your event, please send at least 5 photos of your event and any recording or video of people singing The Ground Beneath Our Hearts song.

3. Sept. 13-26: During this time we will be collecting documentation for the media and especially or our video. Feel free to send any additional photos, videos, and/or recordings. The cut off date for submission is Sept. 26.

Suggestions for documenting your Ground Beneath Our Hearts event:
You are not required to use “professional-quality” equipment to document your event. A smart phone will work if that is all you have. Just do the best you can and remember to keep the camera steady while you are videotaping.

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