Final Hours to Register to Speak at EPA’s Hearing on Outrageous Rollback of the Coal Ash Rule

Detail of the AEP/John Amos Power Plant coal ash lagoon near St. Albans, WV. Photo by Vivian Stockman; flyover courtesy

Canary in the Coal Pond: New reports provide an unprecedented look at contaminants leaking from coal ash ponds and landfills. But the chasm between information and environmental protection may deepen thanks to a proposed Trump administration rollback.

From Earthjustice

It’s down to the wire! There are just a few hours left to register to speak at EPA’s public hearing on their outrageous rollback of the coal ash rule next Tuesday.

If you’re able to attend, please make sure you register TODAY at:

See below for a fact sheet with talking points is attached to help you write your testimony.

If you can’t make the trip, we hope you will submit a written comment by April 30. Tell EPA exactly what you think of their gutting of the coal ash rule and send directly to:

You can also use our action alert for a really quick submission:

2018.04.12_CCR rollback
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