DEP’s Water Quality Standards Program Accepting Comments

OVEC supporters might want to take note of this WV DEP Press Release:

download (1)DEP’s Water Quality Standards Program Accepting Comments
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Water and Waste Management is accepting recommendations for revisions to Legislative Rule 47CSR2, “Requirements Governing Water Quality Standards.”

This rule establishes requirements governing standards of water quality for the surface waters of the state. State water quality standards are developed to help protect and preserve water quality necessary to meet and maintain designated or assigned uses such as swimming, recreation, public water supply, and/or aquatic life.

DEP is accepting these recommendations for suggested rule changes in preparation for the Water Quality Standards Triennial Review, as required by the federal Clean Water Act. DEP reviews these recommendations before deciding what changes will be proposed in 2016 for the 2017 legislative session.

DEP will accept written recommendations and any supporting scientific information through Sept. 30. Comments can be emailed to or mailed to:

Laura Cooper
Water Quality Standards, DWWM
WV Department of Environmental Protection
601 57th St., S.E.
Charleston, WV 25304

Additional information about the West Virginia Water Quality Standards Program can be found at:


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  1. Danny & Dreama Peters

    I for once would like to see the Logan County DEP do their job. The people of Appalachia are NOT the first concern of the DEP. They sit in the Logan office like a deaf, dumb and blind person serving the coal companies and the politicians of Logan County WV. They ride around in our new vehicles collecting a good wage, insurance and retirement from our tax dollars and spit on the Appalachian people. In this area of WV the DEP is allowing the coal companies to use the Guyandotte River as a mixing bowl for the chemicals they release into the waters, and no protest or hearing will stop this madness of the WVDEP.

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