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Hoots and Hollers Al Justice Feb 22, 2013
One Thing One Man Can Do
Empowering ourselves on an issue in today’s noisy world requires work.  I have been addressing mountaintop removal  strip mining (MTR) since 1998, and am convinced the next two years are very important in bringing this issue out of our comfort zone and just as firmly into national consciousness as possible.  We’ve been terribly nice in […] More
Issues: Mountaintop removal
Hoots and Hollers Al Justice Jan 29, 2013
Making it Personal
A guest blog from Al Justice, from War, WV Al says: I am encouraging everyone who gives a rat’s tail to begin a personal letter writing campaign in every direction possible. Attached below is my first letter to the Whitehouse. We’ve squandered four years with only limited success. We ‘have’ to be more relentless than […] More
Issues: Mountaintop removal