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Empowering ourselves on an issue in today’s noisy world requires work.  I have been addressing mountaintop removal  strip mining (MTR) since 1998, and am convinced the next two years are very important in bringing this issue out of our comfort zone and just as firmly into national consciousness as possible.  We’ve been terribly nice in stopping this destruction to this point…I think it’s truly time to step up.

MTR is hazardous to humans and other living things. Photo by Vivian Stockman. Flyover scourtesy

MTR is hazardous to humans and other living things.
Photo by Vivian Stockman. Flyover courtesy

Social media provides a whole new toolbox of creative ways to network and get people thinking about MTR. is also allowing petitions online as part of their effort to help grassroots efforts.  Well, it feels important to realize that even if we are successful in getting the one hundred thousand signatures that would compel the Whitehouse to comment on MTR,  that is not guarantee that we would like their answer.   What to do!

A petition on “We the People” is posted for 30 days.  Regardless of the number of signatures we arrive at on any single petition,  the petitions are a great way network among anyone who will listen and keep the issue in front of their eyes, and hopefully in their minds.   With this in mind, please sign the latest petition to help stop MTR.  I will be coordinating with others to change the wording over the months, and intend on starting a new petition very month, for at least the next two years.

Is it as easy as that?  Well no.  I am only one person.  The idea is based on the premise that those who feel passionate about stopping MTR might be willing to network in just as many ways as possible to get the petitions in front of readers’ eyes, without being aggravating or overbearing.

Please help by signing the latest petition, but more importantly please work this effort by sharing it on social media sites; and, exercising your networking abilities.  Actually, this repeated petition idea, is in fact a great way to increase the validity of our networks beyond the petitions.

Here’s a link to the February 15 petition.

Warm regards, Al Justice.

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