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It’s February: Show Democracy Some Love

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In our action alerts we like to include something for everyone, no matter where you live. So, here’s that something: #StandUpBeCounted for Census 2020!

The Census results help determine how billions of dollars are spent each year on things like roads, schools, hospitals and healthcare, fire and emergency response, and hundreds of other programs! 

Your responses to the 2020 Census are protected by federal law. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics—they cannot be used against you in any way. By law, all responses to Census surveys are kept completely confidential. There are no exceptions. 

Learn more here: For the Sake of Your Community, Be Counted: Take Part in the 2020 Census

Register Now For Good Government Lobby Day
Speaking of taking part to make government work for you: Please join WV Citizens for Clean Elections at the State Capitol on Monday, February 17 for our Good Government Lobby Day in support of our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform. We will be participating in the Centennial Celebration of the WV Ratification of the 19th Amendment at the State Capitol. It’s also President’s Day. If you have the day off, come lobby your legislators about common sense policy solutions that can move us toward a government that’s more transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of all West Virginians.

Register here, and learn more here.

While you are at it, please take this Easy Action for Clean Water.

No to HB 4615Take Action Today on HB 4615

Update: On Feb. 13, an amended version of HB 4615 passed out of the House on a 60-35 vote. Now it is on to the Senate. Watch our website for updates.

Speaking of staying vigilant to support pro-democracy efforts and fight back against un-democratic measures: Speak up on HB 4165, the anti-protest bill. This bull—er, bill—is being touted as “criminal infrastructure protection.” It is intended to intimidate and silence environmentalists. It hands industry even more power, with no regard for our people. Further criminalizing actions that are already illegal is unnecessary and will further crowd our jails and prisons. The new fine for conspiracy to trespass on these “critical infrastructures” will be set at $5,000 minimum for an individual and $10,000 for a group. There is no cap. 

We have some talking points here, at the bottom of the post, and an infographic here. These could be useful in contacting your delegates. If you don’t know who that is, you can find out here.  Here’s a handy list of all House of Delegates’ email addresses. Please contact your legislators to let them know you oppose HB 4615. Learn more here.

Where’s Camp Waldo 
Help instill environmental values in children; help spread the word about Camp Waldo, an amazing three-week summer camp near Hinton, WV. Camp Waldo is now taking applications for counselors as well as campers (rising 4th to 7th graders) for this summer’s camp. Learn more and find application links here.

See you out and about!



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