Winds of Change viewing notes

Using the embedded pdf viewer

The embedded viewer should work with virtually any browser. 

Page control

  • The embedded pdf viewer has page forward and back button in the toolbars.
  • If you’re using a mouse, hovering at either the left or right edge of a pdf page will bring up page forward and back buttons.
  • If you are using a touch screen or mobile device, tap either edge of a pdf page to move forward or back
  • You can go directly to any page by clicking on the page number in the pdf viewer toolbar, selecting the number, then typing the page number you desire

Full screen mode

  • If using full screen mode with a large enough screen, adjust the ‘zoom’ level so that an entire page is visible so you won’t have to scroll when moving from page to page
  • If using full screen mode on a small screen, adjust the orientation of the device and zoom level so text is big enough to read comfortably (some vertical scrolling may be required, depending on your device and eyes)


You can also download the pdf file for viewing offline with your pdf reader.  The free Adobe reader supports a ‘table of contents’ for the newsletter.