Mr. President: Senator Manchin Does Not Speak for Us On Pipelines

On February 9, Senator Joe Manchin sent President Biden a letter saying that we need more pipelines and more fracked gas.

Many of us think that in fact we need less fracking, no new pipelines, and no petrochemical corridor on the Ohio River. We need to justly transition to a post-carbon economy as quickly as we can, and we need to place all people over corporate profit.

Working with other OVEC volunteers and with OVEC staff, Mary Wildfire wrote an open letter to Biden to say that Senator Manchin does not speak for West Virginia.

You can sign on to the letter here. You may sign either as an individual or for an organization. This will be an open letter; we need to correct the impression that all of West Virginia supports a fossil fuel agenda, and lend support to those in Washington trying to move to a post-carbon future. 

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  1. There is no good to come of pipelines across WV. It’s not as if any of the fossil fuels are used for our energy independence. We assume risk without much reward. Encourage WV to adopt green energies, its production, for jobs and energy independence.

  2. Every projection I have read says that to avoid climate disaster, we must reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use. This means stopping all fossil fuel development, finding alternative energy sources and training workers to fill new industries as rapidly as possible. I believe that Senator Manchin’s policy on fossil fuels and the related industries is against the best long-term interests of West Virginia and the United States.

    Senator Manchin and other who want to further develop coal, oil, and gas reserves do not speak for me.

  3. Senator Manchin does not speak for most Democrats in West Virginia

  4. Manchin don’t represent all wvirgians with his far right agenda. I’m with you president Biden for the people.

  5. Senator Manchin does NOT represent most West Virginiabs regarding pipelines. We DO NOT want pipelines in our backyards and neighborhoods!

  6. I do not support the fossil fuel industry or Manchin!!

  7. Many West Virginians feel that we do not need more fossil fuel extraction.

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