Page-Kincaid Water Woes: Volunteers and Water Donations Needed

Photos here, of the Loup Creek Fire Department in action, courtesy of Keeper of the Mountains.

Those of you connected to Fayette County and/or active on social media are likely well aware of  the water problems for costumers of the Page-Kincaid Public Service District. 

The situation is being reported on in the local news:

August 29: Page-Kincaid PSD customers’ “ugly” water caused by iron

August 30: As Fayette County water crisis boils, residents seek answers

September 1: Mining, blasting suspected cause of iron water: 

Page-Kincaid Public Service District officials reported Friday that iron that has recently infiltrated the drinking water of Fayette County residents is likely related to nearby mining and blasting. As a result, PSD commissioners are exploring “other possible well sites, further away from mining operations.”

The nearby mining sites in question are mountaintop removal operations.

Apparently about 750 families served by this PSD. The water may not safe to use until September 12. 

The Loup Creek Fire Department is giving out water to Page-Kincaid PSD rate-payers, but stocks are running low (if not already depleted) and volunteers are needed to help unload pallets of water.

Since the situation has not officially been declared an emergency FEMA and the National Guard are not involved.

The United Way has been helping, as have our friends at Keeper of the Mountains (KOTM).

KOTM has been donating water, helping to unload the water and posting on Facebook to encourage more donations and help: 

Residents of Page/Kincaid are in desperate need of gallons and bottles of water. They have 12 hours left of water supplies for their community.

They have been told by PSD that it will be another week before their water is safe to drink or bathe in.

Please drop off water at Loupe Creek Fire Station, or make donations to Keeper of the Mountains Foundation so we can go and buy pallets of water for the residents.

You can also buy a pallet of water directly from SAMS club and contact the Loupe Creek Fire Department. They can go and pick it up.

Donate at the link below to help us buy more water for our families! They need 4 pallets of water per day to survive. Each pallet costs $160.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping get clean water to the area!

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  1. Fayette County , Page/Kincaid has still yet to have available drinking or bathing water. The water smells and is discolored. Yet residents are still required to pay their bills ? Elderly, disabled & families with small children are to survive on 1 case a water per month? It is now end of Jan 2019 and the only thing residents have recieved are their bills & excuses! Enough is enough,the correct authorities and social networks are getting a report of this story throughout the next week. Better come up with a other story real quick!

  2. While the legislature is in session, they should have a group of residents at the capitol every week, talking to representatives and journalists about the situation.

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