OVEC Employees Seek Unionization

On April 26, 2021, certain OVEC employees who wish to form a union filed a Certification Petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). OVEC’s Board of Directors and its leadership team unequivocally respect the rights of all OVEC employees. Accordingly, OVEC is responding to the Certification Petition and participating in the NLRB’s established voting process.     

OVEC remains committed to intentionally working to create an environment where diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice is welcome, honored, and respected in our leadership, program work, organizational culture, and within our communities. As we have done for more than 33 years, we look forward to working with OVEC’s employees, volunteers, and allies to continue our important progress towards social and environmental justice.      

Updated: May 5, 2021 — 2:12 pm

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  1. I have been an OVEC supporter for several years. I am not aware of the internal politics of the organization. I have been a union member whenever I was in a job that had a union and I have been a Union steward for several years. I am well aware of the complications and troubles that antagonistic union / employer relations involve. I urge the OVEC to voluntarily embrace the formation of an employees union and the positive possibilities it brings for productivity, Job satisfaction and dedication to the mission of the OVEC. I am anxious to see the issue resolved and to continue my support of this organization.

  2. It is disconcerting to read the seemingly endless barrage of OHVEC unionization rhetoric being posted on social media. Let’s be clear, this negative bomb throwing is not helpful to OHVEC’s mission or reputation. If both sides continue this mud wrestling, your funding will dry up to the point that you will cease to be a viable voice for change. Please bring everyone to the table, hammer it out in private, and keep the ‘noise’ out of the public eye.

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