Outraged? March 12 Come Tell Legislators You Will #RememberInNovember


As the 2016 WV Legislative Session continues, are you getting more outraged by the day!? Then join us on the last day of the legislative session to have the last word — we’re storming the capitol to say loudly and clearly: WE WILL #REMEMBERINNOVEMBER!  Come out at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 12 at the WV State Capitol.

Join the event on Facebook here.

Just who is this “we”? We are West Virginians who value hospitality, fairness, and the right of all of us to access dignified work, health care, education and safe drinking water. We seek an economically just and democratic West Virginia.

West Virginians have a proud history of standing up for our rights against an elite few, as well as standing with each other across our differences. We are the home of Sid Hatfield and Mother Jones and some of the fiercest battles for workers’ rights.

Right now our values are under attack. The legislature is undermining the rights of workers to fight for better working conditions, of students to access affordable higher education, of women’s access to healthcare, of communities to access safe drinking water, of low income families to get the support they need, and so much more.

Their strategy is to pit us against each other, using the old tools of racism, sexism and fear to divide us.

We are stronger when we rise together.

If you’re outraged, if you’re scared, if you’re looking for some hope — join us. March 12 will be just the beginning.

If you believe in the sleeping giant that is West Virginia’s bold united progressive movement — then let’s wake her up. See you March 12!

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