Heard Rumors of Access Roads in Your Area?

It is important for anyone concerned about oil and gas related road widening issues to contact the Department of Transportation to get information on the legally allowed limits of the road’s right of way size.

As you can see in the picture below, there are reasons why industry may see the need to widen roads that are deemed access roads.

Photo by Bill Hughes.

Beyond those boundaries, the oil and gas company would have to deal with the landowners. Landowners may refuse to deal with them and/or refuse access to their property for surveying, but they should notify the oil and gas company in writing (and keep a copy) when they do so.

It is also important to orient yourself to the meaning behind any surveyors’ markings that you find. Here is a convenient reference guide to these things.

Getting a good lawyer is also advised if you see an impending negotiation or dispute related to these issues in your future. Contact the OVEC office for more details. Call us at 304-522-0246.

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