Dear Senator Manchin: Please Lead WV Out of Fossil Fuel Quagmire

Renewable energy is sprouting up all over WV. A little leadership could accelerate our state's transition to the new energy future. Photo by V. Stockman.

Renewable energy is sprouting up all over WV. A little leadership could accelerate our state’s transition to the new energy future. Photo by V. Stockman.

The Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance and other groups have written an open letter to Senator Joe Manchin asking him to lead the state out of the fossil fuel quagmire / crisis we are in.

The letter begins:

We write to express our concerns over the proposed pipelines, unconventional gas drilling, and fossil fuel development in our state. You may remember that Iris Bell wrote our state and Centennial song, “This is My West Virginia,” in 1961. In it, she speaks of the pride, strength, freedom, and principle that she felt marked our state and its people. Sadly, in WV today, our politicians seem to have abandoned principles for the lure of money. Today, we are in a crisis situation worldwide which begins in Appalachia, the gas region. We write to bring you the evidence of real problems in our state and ask your leadership at this crucial time in our history to save West Virginia, and the rest of the country, from the ravishment of fossil fuel development.

The letter ends:

Now is the time to change the tide. Please honor our West Virginia heritage. We urge you to work now to preserve its resources and its natural beauty, step up your leadership, and help us move into a clean, secure future by leading the charge for renewables. As Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said in May 2014, “We must leave the fossil fuels in the ground while we still have a chance.” Later may be too late.

Contact Senator Joe Manchin with your own concerns on our state’s continued over-reliance on fossil fuels and continued inaction on climate change.

Read the full letter:

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  1. It’s me again. I’ve sent or signed several messages today. I know that contacting Mooney or Capito would be a total waste of time. I think there is hope for you. You seem open to new ideas and to thinking. Best wishes,work for a future West Virginia full of hope and beauty and health and early readers.

  2. I live in Valley Grove! WV, surrounded by well pads and a compressor station. I have been ill and unable to work for over a year with endocrine issues, fibromyalgia, rash, itching skin, foggy thinking and headaches. I am certain all is caused by fracking operations. I have been completely ignored by the company as well as the E PA. Who can I go to. I want it stopped and I want to support the cause to stop it. Help me, where do I go?

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