DEP Seeks Comments for Feasibility Study on Clean Power Plan

Dr. Jim Kotcon, in working with the Sierra Club West Virginia Chapter, explains more about what DEP is up to in this article.

Helen Gibbins shared these succinct statements, which could help you in making your own comments to DEP:

Climate Change is a global catastrophe on a historic scale that will change the global course of human life. Confronting climate change means trying to reverse the effects of rising tides, protecting us from dangerous extreme weather, and cutting dangerous pollution. The impacts of climate change are costly and harm those who can least afford it the most; our country cannot afford to put off action any longer. Carbon pollution is the number one contributor to climate change and fossil fuel powered electric plants are the largest source of industrial carbon pollution in the U.S. The Clean Power Plan will protect public health, create thousands of efficiency-related jobs, reduce electricity bills for Americans and deliver power reliably. 

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