Did You Get a Threatening Letter from MXP or Other Pipeline Corporation? Know Your Rights!

Rover pipeline under construction. Tyler County, WV. Photo by Bill Hughes.

Landowners: Have you had a visit from a pushy representative of a proposed major pipeline such as the Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline?

Know your rights! 

Contact us right away at info@ohvec.org or 304-522-0246. We can help set up meetings with attorneys who can explain processes involved when FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory, is issuing pipeline certificates. They can explain your rights when it comes to corporations threatening to use eminent domain over your property.  

We’ve heard that people are receiving threatening, certified letters from pipeline companies that threaten to sue landowners who haven’t signed over right-of-ways to the corporations. 

Please don’t be intimidated! Call us so we can network you with an attorney, or find one yourself. You can at least negotiate a better easement than the one the pipeline corporation tries to force you to sign.  

Even after FERC issues the certificate for a pipeline project, it is not necessarily a done deal. Fight back!

FERC Protest in D.C. on September 20

Rover construction in Tyler County, WV. Photo by Bill Hughes.

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