High Resolution Mountaintop Removal Pictures

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Sense of Place
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Winds of Change, Summer 2017
Jun 9 2017 Action Alert
Call Congress Today on Climate, Comment on MTR and Human Health, Upcoming Events
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The Nat’l Academy of Sciences Still Wants to Hear from You on MTR and Human Health

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  1. I would like to get permission to use your photo of mountain top mining shown on this page:


    I am writing a Quaker Pamphlet on Clean Energy and this image is perfect. I am making the point that the average American home uses about 4 tons of coal electricity a year, but this is dwarfed by the unseen 80 tons of habitat, soil, rock and trees that are being bulldozed into the streams and valleys of WV to get that coal.

    The image will be in black and white. These pamphlets are published by our Quaker non-profit Pendle Hill pamphlets library and are usually about 9000 words.


    Both emails bounced to vivian@ovec.org and to info@ovec.org

    Bob Bruninga
    US Naval Academy

    1. Thanks for asking and for spreading the word! Please do use the images. vivian@ohvec.org (our acronym is ovec, but our website/email is ohvec, cause ovec was already taken..) i have more photos elsewhere online, and thousands more i haven’t been able to sort thru yet to post the best ones online (know any photo interns?!)

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