Make Your Voice Heard: Stream Protection Rule Talking Points

Talking points on the proposed “Stream Protection Rule” brought to you by Kanawha Forest Coalition, OVEC, Sierra Club West Virginia Chapter and West Virginia Rivers Coalition.

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The Author

Dustin White

Dustin White is a project coordinator with OVEC and a lifelong WV resident. Dustin grew up in the so called “coalfields” of Southern WV where he has deep multi-generational roots and now lives in Charleston WV. His work with OVEC started as a volunteer, fighting the extreme form of coal mining known as mountaintop removal and other coal mining related issues, lobbying for new state cemetery protection laws, and more. Now, on staff, Dustin’s work focuses on stopping the new threat of the petrochemical monstrosity known as the Appalachian Storage and Trading Hub in the Ohio Valley/Appalachian region. Dustin hopes to one day see a Appalachia where the people and places he love are no longer exploited and sacrificed for the fossil fuel industry’s short-term profit.


  1. My dad was a coal miner. He died in 1966 of lung cancer. I have concerns about my family. As children we played on tipples, and washed coal dust from the pourch and windows daily. We lived in a company house in Jewell Valley, Va. There were eight of us children. We moved in 1966 shortly after dad died. We played on the sludge ponds before, as, and after they hardened. The concern is my eldest brother died of lung cancer, as did the middle brother. Then next to oldest had breathing problems. My two oldest sisters, and myself has been diagnosed with enphysemia and other breahing problems. Some of these children never smoked on worked in a known industry causing these types of breathing problems. I am convinced there is a link to early exposure to coal dust and especially sludge(which has heavy metals such as arsnic,thallium and mercury, to name a few) to lung cancer and breathing problems as we age. I was eleven when my dad died and saw him suffer, but he fed and clothed his framily. are efforts made to test these effects, and are coal mining families made aware of the results? Its to late for my family. Thank You for your attention. Hazel McGuire 7150 U.S. Hwy. 70 East Nebo, N.C. 28761

  2. Danny & Dreama Peters

    Mr. Hendryxs studies have proven the link between living with and close to coal mining operations and why Appalachian people develop cancer. The WVDEP (Randy Huffman) has set out to prove him wrong all because of politics and the all mighty dollar. Coal Companies never lose when they go before the West Virginia Surface Mine Board, only the people of Appalachia lose and lose. We have dealt with the WVDEP for years and years and we always lose when we go before them (SMB). We are currently in a losing battle with Blackhawk Mining and K & C Transport. We have from 120 to 160 coal trucks passing our home every day 6 days a week and the DEPs Logan county WV office does nothing to protect us, we are NOT the DEPs first concern. Benny Campbell ,with the DEPs Logan office, denies, denies and denies every complaint we have called in concerning the conditions we live in, in Accoville Hollow. The coal company is always right, and no permit is denied. When will this madness stop?

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