Pete Hill: The Earth Lost a Great Activist

Soldier, biologist, teacher, community development advisor, non-violent/peaceful solutions expert, peer counselor, tinkerer, sailor, mediator, ordained minister, activist, and more…  

On June 13, 2017, Pete Hill, who taught hundreds of activists about the power of non-violent direct action, died peacefully. His wife, Marty Zinn, was beside him. Nearly 95 years old, Pete maintained a youthful attitude. Truly, he was young at heart. Pete, who lived in an intentional community near Athens, Ohio, first began providing workshops on non-violent civil disobedience (NVCD) for OVEC staff and members in the late in 1997, when OVEC members and others organized to oppose the construction of the Parsons and Whittemore pulp and paper mill in Apple Grove, WV. More than 50 activists took part in two separate trainings. (Read about them here.)  

During his rich, long life, Pete, often accompanied by his wife, Marty, trained many activists in NVCD, non-violent communication, conflict resolution, the history of non-violent direct action in peoples’ movements, de-escalation, and the importance of having legal observers present to document what happens at a direct action. Pete was someone who knew how to live; energetic and enthusiastic about life, he undoubtedly enjoyed engaging with people!

The world will miss you, Pete Hill! 

Here’s the obituary Marty wrote:


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