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Lovely West Virginia Mountains in early autumn

West Virginia's peaks: Raleigh County, USA. Photo by OVEC's Vivian Stockman.

As you probably know, the OVEC staff is opinionated and passionate about the environment and social justice. And now we are happy to share those opinions with you – as part of updating the OVEC website, we’re introducing OVEC’s blog, which we hope you will help us name. Suggestions so far include:

  •  Hoots and Hollers
  •  Creeks and Peaks (which is already a blog name)
  •  Voices of Change

Please send your suggestions for OVEC blog’s name to vivian@ohvec.org.

Beyond sharing personal opinions, perspectives, ideas and information, we will also be posting photos, sharing links, notifying you about special events and sending out calls to action.

We hope that you will join in the “conversation.” Tell us what you are thinking. And, if you feel that you might want to blog on OVEC’s behalf, please send your submission to vivian@ohvec.org.

Updated: Dec 28, 2014 — 10:30 am

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Janet Keating

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