Coal Sludge Impoundment Links

Martin County Water Testing Project

Burning Waste Coal is Much More Polluting than Burning Coal

Coal Impoundment Location and Warning System: This government website no longer exists. Here is a slideshow that explains what it was to do, and that does include some maps. 

U.S. Coal Impoundment Inventory Database  Also see this.

NAS: Coal Waste Impoundments, Risks, Responses, and Alternatives (2002; free pdf at this site)

MSHA Coal Mine Impoundment Inspection and Plan Review Handbook

Coal Waste Dams and Impoundments: Includes listings of impoundments in your area.

Coal Impoundment Risk Assessment: A Survey of Mingo and Wyoming County, West Virginia

After decade, still signs of coal slurry spill

40 years after Buffalo Creek, coal-dam questions remain

Appalshop on the Buffalo Creek Disaster

Jack Spadaro Website

Surface Impoundment Facility Underground Coal Mine
Non-injury Impoundment Failure/Mine Inundation Accident
October 11, 2000
Big Branch Refuse Impoundment
Martin County Coal Corporation
Inez, Martin County, Kentucky