Climate Change Links


Carbon Capture Report

Carbon Monitoring for Action

Coal Power Plant Database Now Available from DOE

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Climate Change & Solar

Climate Crisis Coalition

Climate Communication – Science and Outreach

Climate IndyMedia

The Climate Project

Climate Reanalyzer

The Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS)

Cool Cities – US

The Daily Climate

Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project

Environmental Justice And Climate Change Initiative

Extinction of life on Earth through Global Warming

De Smog Blog

1st Sky

Global Change Resource

Global warming at the extremes of the earth

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenwash Guerrillas Pie Thomas Friedman on Earth Day

The Heat Is Online

Interfaith Climate Change Network

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Kids vs Global Warming

Leonardo Dicaprio

Live Earth

Mayors for Climate Protection

National Energy Foundation

Global Warming Solutions

Oil, Pollution and the Kyoto Protocol

Outgrowing the Earth

National Teach-In

Planet Check

Post Carbon Institute

Powering A Nation

Real Climate

Sierra Student Coalition

The Solution to Climate Change

Southeast Climate Network

Students’ Guide to Global Warming

Tackling Climate Change in the U.S.

Tree Media Group

United Nations Foundation: Confronting Climate Change