Just Coincidence? Health Issue Convergences

Imagine: you move to a new community and discover at least half of the residents have brain tumors, and that there is a forty percent greater likelihood that babies born into this community will suffer from serious birth defects compared to their peers in other communities. Would you want to know what is causing all of these illnesses? Of course you would! Similarly, if you lived in a community where strange substances start to creep into your water supply, you would want to know what is going on.

These are just some of the challenges that residents of this state face when they live near mountaintop removal and gas fracking operations. The health concerns resulting from these two industries are pervasive and widespread. Read more about the growing body of scientific evidence about these health problems here.

It’s high time that we start making connections between the health problems faced by community members who live near both mountaintop removal coal mining and deep well gas drilling operations. A big step forward in this endeavor is our Water and Wellness conference, to be held September 8, in Morgantown, W.Va.

Through a range of discussions and panels, you will learn about the extreme human health impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining and deep shale gas drilling and fracking. Meet with impacted residents and experts including: keynote speaker, Wilma Subra; Dr. Ben Stout, whom you may have seen in The Last Mountain and Burning the Future; Dr. Jill Kriesky; and Dr. Michael Hendryx, whose research is shining a much-needed light on these health impacts.

Read more about this event here, and register here.

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