Environmental Advocacy in 2018 WVCC Public Policy Issue Priorities

Have you seen a copy of the 2018 West Virginia Council of Churches Public Policy Issue Priorities booklet yet? If not, please take a look here!

This concise document has some game-changing advice for our elected leaders—on issues ranging from climate change and renewable energy development, to water and public health issues associated with shale gas development. There is a strong call for the cessation of mountaintop removal coal mining and implementation of the Clean Air Act. Many other important social and economic justice issues are also mentioned. 

The “Environmental Quality” section of this document is six pages long, and includes a statement in support of establishing a West Virginia Energy Enhancement Fund—to assist in development and installation of renewable energy infrastructure. The implementation of similar funds in 20 other states have leveraged a lot of outside investments for renewable energy jobs! There are other important environmental issues listed in other sections of the document as well.

The section titled “Responsible and Respectful Development of Shale Gas” reads: 

Exploration for this essential natural resource must be done in a thoughtful properly regulated manner that respects the heritage found in and intrinsic value of our land, air, water and people.    

We applaud the Council of Churches for their strong—some would say prophetic—stances on these issues, and send our hope that the elected leaders at the WV Legislature will pay attention during their 2018 interim sessions, and the 2019 general session. WVCC Executive Director Rev. Jeff Allen (who is an OVEC board member) says that these booklets will be distributed to all elected WV Legislative leaders prior to the start of the 2019 Legislative Session.

Help Spread the Good Word!
Please e-mail your elected representatives about West Virginia Council of Churches Public Policy Issue Priorities booklet, with a link directly to the document. Find contact information for WV legislators here.

Please also consider helping to raise awareness by taking a printed copy of this document to candidates forums held as part of the upcoming general election cycle. Refer to the document to help you ask some pointed questions to candidates for office.

We also encourage you to bring this document to the attention of your faith community’s leadership.  

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