OVEC Board Members 2021

Mike Sullivan (board chair) is a retired conductor for CSX railroad. He is a part-time caregiver at Village Caregiving. He serves on OVEC’s executive and membership committees. Mike attended the University of Maryland while serving in the U.S. Army in South Korea. He graduated from Marshall  University with a B.A. in Social Studies.

Gina Hart-Smith (vice chair) and her husband Mark have been long time members of OVEC and have launched a business, Elevate Elixers, specializing in kombucha. Their business is a representation of their values to put people and the planet first. Gina is also a yoga instructor at Studio 8 in Huntington, WV.

Amy Parsons-White (secretary) is a native West Virginian who is passionate about the people of Appalachia and our environment. She has a Master’s degree in Biological Science from Marshall University and focused her studies on aquatic toxicology. Currently, Amy is the Sustainability Manager at Marshall University. Her work involves creating programs within the university that incorporate environmental conservation with social equity and justice. In her spare time, Amy enjoys hiking, kayaking, and listening to live music with her husband Paul, their two daughters, Isabella and Gillian, and their three dogs.

Maryanne Graham (treasurer) retired in the fall of 2020 from a staff position at OVEC as the Administrative Director. She has been a part of OVEC since 1993. Among her academic degrees, she has a minor in business administration from OU and a Master’s in Physical Science from Marshall University. She also taught science/math classes at Ohio University Southern Campus for 16 years. Maryanne is involved with the WV Electric Auto Association (WVEAA) and the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). Her retirement time is spent reading, gardening, knitting and baking. 

Becky Ellis is a Putnam County native, with long time environmental interests stemming from growing Burley tobacco and vegetable gardening. Becky works as a land title agency representative and auditor, traveling the state on a regular basis, observing the recent changes to our beautiful landscapes. Becky has been volunteering as a stream monitor and is interested in new ways to be of assistance to preserve our hills and streams. 

Mike Forman moved to West Virginia along with his late wife, Laura, in 1992. They joined OVEC in 1993. Laura joined the OVEC staff in 1994, working there until her untimely death in December 2001. Mike is married to Linda Frame, operations manager for the WV Center for Budget & Policy, and a long time WVCAG employee/activist. Linda is currently the President of the WV Environmental Council. Mike retired from the Federal Aviation Administration in 2016 after 32 years as an Air Traffic Controller (including three years in the United States Air Force). Mike is a charter member of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and served as Union President for three different ATC Locals including 7 years+ at Yeager Airport (Charleston) and three years at Tri-State Airport (Huntington). Mike was NATCA’s WV State Legislative Representative for four years and is a federally trained facilitator. Mike is an avid traveler, hiker, and birder.

Dr. Gail Bellamy received her Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health and formerly worked at the FSU College of Medicine, serving as Director for the Center for Rural Health Research and Policy in the Division of Health Affairs, and as Professor in Family Medicine and Rural Health. Her research focus is assuring access to quality health care for rural and underserved populations: Needs assessment, program development and implementation, evaluation, and policy research.

Kayde Cappellari is a native West Virginian who grew up in both Huntington and Charleston. She has been politically active since a young age working towards equity and inclusion and environmental security for current and future generations of West Virginia. This early activism led her to seek out career opportunities that would make an impact. As a result, she holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from West Virginia State University and law degree from West Virginia University enabling her to be part of a litigation team that works to hold corporations accountable for poisoning the environment and the people. When she isn’t working, she enjoys all the outdoor wonders that West Virginia has to offer. 

Dr. Sean Collins is an Assistant Professor of Biology at West Virginia State University.

Will Edwards is has extensive experience in management training and development. organizational development, and NGO board development. Among his academic degrees, he has an MA in Administration from Marshall University. His consultancy service provides training services to various businesses, educational institutions, health care institutions, and government agencies. The consulting jobs include personal development courses including cross cultural training, communications, supervisory management, time management, personal understanding such as brain dominance, personality or behavioral understanding, and leadership skills.