A Statement from OVEC’s Executive Director about the ACHE Act, HR 526, introduced Congress, Feb. 6, 2013

The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) applauds the sponsors of the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act, H.R. 526, (ACHE) just introduced into Congress and supports the ACHE campaign.  After nearly two decades of organizing citizens to oppose this brutal mining technique and after reviewing all the published, peer-reviewed studies, it is clear not only that a moratorium on mountaintop removal is needed immediately, but also that this is the right and just thing to do.  Until federal studies conclude that mountaintop removal does not contribute to a plethora of diseases, birth defects and cancer death near mine sites, this form of mining should be halted.  People living near mountaintop removal mines should not be paying with their lives and health for so-called “cheap” energy.

Our federal representatives in West Virginia have a responsibility to protect the lives of all citizens of the state, especially our children.


West Virginia children deserve a safe, healthy environment–free from mountaintop removal strip mining of coal.

While the silence of our elected officials around the findings of more than 20 studies on mountaintop removal is deafening, you can be assured that we will not be silent.

You can read more about the ACHE Act on Rainforest Action Network’s website here.

If your electricity is supplied by a coal plant, you, too are contributing to illness and disease in our southern mountain communities.  Please do your part.  Contact your representative in Congress and ask them to support the ACHE Act, HR 526.

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  1. We all love RAN, but why put a link to the RAN website to learn more about the ACHE Act? Why not a link to the ACHE web site? http://www.acheact.org

    1. Thanks, Bo. I thought I had included the proper hyper link to the ACHE Act website where the ACHE campaign was first mentioned. If you click there, now, you will see the website. I’m new at doing blogs and hyperlinks, etc. It’s corrected now, so thanks for finding the error.

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