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Aaron Bady is the son of OVEC co-founder Dianne Bady. This weekend he blogged in regard to Maria Gunnoe’s Friday, June 1 testimony before a House subcommittee, specifically on some craziness someone on the subcommittee worked up: Obscenity: I Know It When I See It. Please take a few minutes to read the posting. As of Monday morning, this blog posting had 25,000 hits. Well stated, Aaron!

Aaron is finishing his PhD dissertation at the University of California, Berkeley, in English. His specialty is Post Colonial literature, particluarly that of East Africa. (Growing up watching citizens struggle to try to make Southern West Virginia post colonial — in other words, free from the dominating influence of Coal, and Coal’s politicians — surely influenced his academic interests!)

Aaron blogs at here and at The New Inquiry, and tweets at @zunguzungu, where he has close to five thousand followers.

Beth Wellington has also blogged on this subject. Check that out here.

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