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United Mine Workers' Flier on Brushy Fork Coal Slurry Impoundment  (pdf)

The Martin County Project, a report on the October 2000 coal waste spill in Martin County, Kentucky

Coal Country


Sludge Disaster: Unhappy Anniversary (October 11, 2001)

October 11, 2000 sludge spill at Martin County Coal in Martin County KY

Mountaintop Removal
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Other pictures of the 2001 Martin County sludge disaster

Brushy Fork Slurry Impoundment Photo

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Sludge Impoundment Articles and Reports

Jack Spadaro’s May 17, 2012 Speech Upon Acceptance of National Wildlife Federation’s National Conservation Achievement Award  (5-17-12)

Court says lawsuit can't be tried as class action; Ruling in case over coal preparation plants also defines medical monitoring  (12-3-04)
Kerry calls for federal probe of MSHA contracts  (11-2-04)
Still buried in SLUDGE  (10/11/04)
Waterways recovering from slurry spill; Restocking of fish continues in E. Ky.  -  Fishermen back at Tug Fork 4 years after coal sludge spill  (9/22/04)
The Plight of Jack Spadaro and the Kentucky Coal Sludge Disaster Investigation  (2/16/04)
Judge slashes fine in largest slurry spill; Coal company to pay $5,600, not $55,000  (1/23//04)
Recycling, other proposals, could reduce coal waste in Appalachia  (1/17/04)
Suggestions for sludge problem  (1/17/04)
UMW, other activists, to leaflet neighbors about coal dam  (1/9/04)
New W.Va. project tracks slurry sites  (1/4/04)
Board denies effort to stop slurry project  (1/1/04)
Coal companies clash over slurry  (12/31/03)
Wrongful termination for coal-mining official?  (12/17/03)
Proposed state park threatened; Virginia coal waste spill rolling down Levisa Fork  (12/13/03)

Rest of the story: Only full mine-spill report will end suspicion  (11/25/03)

Whistleblower Faces the Ax  (Living On Earth, 11/14/03)

Dirty business: How Bush and his coal industry cronies are covering up one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history  (11/13/03)

Mine academy official to be fired, report says  (11/10/03)
A troubling firing  (11/11/2003)
Mine Safety Official Critical of Policies Faces Firing  (11/9/03)
The Martin County Project, a report on the October 2000 coal waste spill in Martin County, Kentucky  (7/21/2003)
MSHA Doesn't Get Mad, It Gets Even - Against Its Own People (7/03)
Earth Science Applied to Coal Impoundment Monitoring (pdf)  (5/27/2003)
MSHA Report on Oct 11, 2000 Martin Country Sludge Disaster  (5/25,2003)
Coal Waste Impoundments: Risks, Responses, and Alternatives  (4/20/2003)
The Inez coal tailings dam failure (Kentucky, USA)  (4/9/2003)
Coal Country  (3/31/2003)
Two Massey firms ordered to pay fines   (3/13/2003)
Slurry spill keeps region on watch  (3/11/2003)
Sydney: Massey coal waste pond overflows in Pike (3/10/2003)
Coal material spills from Kentucky pond  (3/10/2003)
Small Town Threatened by Huge Slurry Impoundment Proposal  (2/03)
Buffalo Creek 30 Years Later - Have We Learned the Lessons?  (2/03)
U.S. drops 6 slurry spill citations  (2/21/2003)
Citations for Kentucky slurry spill thrown out  (2/21/2003)
Settlement Reached in Suit Vs. Coal Co.  (2/21/2003)
Two mine sites flood, but others in state hold tight  (2/17/2003)
Sediment overflow at a Mingo County mine  (2/15/2003)
MU virtual exhibit looks at Buffalo Creek events  (2/12/2003)
DEP makes deal for failed Gary dam site  (2/12/2003)
State working to recover coal fines  (2/12/2003)
Mine agency must improve  (1/27/2003)
MSHA says its errors didn't cause spill  (1/22/2003)
MSHA's oversight of slurry pond criticized  (1/22/2003)
Nicholas County coal slurry flow stops  (1/20/2003)
Coal slurry leaks into Nicholas County creek  (1/18/2003)
Coal firm, 23 residents settle sludge lawsuit  (12/26/2002)
Suit over coal slurry spill in Martin County is settled  (12/25/2002)
Massey subsidiaries plead guilty to charges  (12/16/2002)
Cleaning up after coal  (12/10/2002)
Sludge revisited  (12/1/2002)
Regulators criticized over Ky. slurry spill  (11/4/2002)
Massey subsidiary has history of problems  (10/20/2003)
Fish Spared In Sludge Release  (10/16/2002)
Fish, frogs return to fouled streams  (10/11/2002)
Slurry spill won't affect Huntington  (10/10/2002)
Massey apologizes for slurry spill in Logan creek  (10/9/2002)
100,000 gallons of coal slurry spill into streams  (10/9/2002)
Massey subsidiary spills 100,000 gallons of slurry  (10/9/2002)
Tougher mining-pollution fines urged; Senator says company didn't pay enough for Martin coal-slurry spill  (7/12/2002)
MSHA Assesses Civil Penalties for Martin County Sludge Spill  (4/25/2002)
If the press says it's cleaned up, then we dont have to worry, right?:  Um, better check reports from your friendly neighborhood environmental groups  (Feb.2001)
Review of coal-sludge pond that failed brings up worries that others will collapse  (2/14/2001)
Is a Coal Slurry Impoundment Disaster Coming to a Community Near You?  (December, 2000)
Crews Fight Spill Of Toxic Sludge  (10/28/2000)
'It's the worst disaster we've ever had': MSHA will check safety of mine impoundment dams:  E. Kentucky spill brings review of agency standards  (10/19/2000)
Brushy Fork Slurry Impoundment Report (PDF)  (12/8/2000)


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