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Coal Truck Facts
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PERC Report on Coal and the 2003 WV Legislature

Click here for info on overweight coal trucks from 2002

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Stollings Bridge
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The Mothman Cometh

News and Other Info:

Crunch some numbers; Kentucky needs study on truck weight limits

Coal firm is sued for fatal crash; Widow's suit says truck overloaded

Ky. crackdown on overweight trucks rolls on

Senate panel approves request for turnpike coal truck waiver

An ex-miner, but still killed by coal

Turnpike seeks fee to allow coal trucks

Protect E. Ky. lives, roads from overweight trucks

Coal truck-pickup collision kills one

Dead in its tracks: Ky. truck bill's gone, but danger still on roads

Coal truck in wreck well above weight limit; Family mourns minister's death

40-ton load limit sustained

60-ton loads won't be allowed

Inez man hit by overloaded coal truck dies

Veto the hauling bill

Growing concerns stall
Kentucky trucking bill

Damaging truck bill

Log, coal trucks to abide by similar weight limits under W. Va. bill

Public input on trucking bill unlikely; Hearing canceled: E. Kentuckians go unheard

Chesapeake coal traffic in Congress; Capito to introduce bill to allow giant trucks to detour on I-64/77

Kentucky mineral-hauling bill a weighty issue; Critics say raising limit may hurt roads

Behemoths: Coal truck dilemma

Loaded coal truck overturns in Nicholas

Coal truck solution sought

Heavier loads, heavier costs

Kentucky: Legislative road kill--Price of increased truck weights too high

Kentucky: House votes to exempt more overweight trucks

Ky. coal truck law creating problems

Kentucky: Trucking bill raises road questions; Measure would allow more heavy loads

End the carnage; Limit coal truck weights to save on road costs

Chesapeake residents turn out for meeting on coal truck traffic

Town may annex span to control trucks

Coal trucks should be allowed to use turnpike to bypass town

Kentucky's coal-hauling roads: twice as deadly

Chesapeake: Left in the dust

Town's coal truck problems return; Haulage-road designation overrides town weight limits, bringing back the mess

Residents claim coal
trucks back to old habits

State starts citing companies for overloaded coal trucks; Groups disagree on what law says

Load of scandal: Kentucky shouldn't let up on overweight coal trucks

Roberts Calls For Defeat Of Coal Truck Measure    

WV Public Radio, Feb. 19, 2003

mp3 Listen to Cecil Roberts (mp3)

Overweight coal truck bill introduced in WV legislature

CAG Coal Truck Citation Data
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Truck Safety Hotline: 1-866-SEETRUX (1-866-733-8789) Citizens may call from 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. to report road violations by any truck driver, regardless of cargo. 

Who Pays for Overweight Coal Trucks?  One clue. It's not the coal industry. Yup, it's you.

Crackdown on truck weights a success; Enforcing limits saves lives, so get rid of coal haulers' exemption

Click here to listen to an informative story aired on West Virginia Public Radio in 2003.

For more background, also see "Monster trucks: Physics laws unchanged." 


$ The WV Division of Highways estimates a minimum of $2.8 billion for road and bridge upgrades if weight limits are increased. Truck permit fees in this proposed bill will not come close to covering this cost! West Virginia taxpayers will pick up the tab!

$ Kentucky's 120,000 pound limit doesn't protect people or jobs. Coal Haulers there still can't earn a living without breaking the law. Mines are still laying off workers.

$ Enforcing current limits will prevent further road damage, protect motorists, and create more trucking jobs.

For your friends and family who live outside West Virginia. Ask them to take the following action:

What other industry would proudly proclaim on
billboards that it routinely breaks the law?

Since January of 2000, at least 13 people have been killed in accidents involving coal trucks.  West Virginia taxpayers must shell out millions of dollars to pay for road and bridge repairs as overweight coal trucks damage the infrastructure.

Click here for close up photos of Stollings Bridge

Even empty, coal trucks weigh 40,000 to 50,000 pounds.  Overweight coal trucks inflict exceedingly costly damages to our bridges and roads. Please call, e-mail and write your legislators today, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

For info on overweight coal trucks from 2002, click here

Photo Galleries:
Stollings Bridge
US 119, Pike Co. Ky.


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