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Join OVEC’s Live Earth Week Event; How #FairCourts Help Protect Us on #EarthDay

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Apr 22, 2020 View / Comment Online

Happy 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Earth Day expands to Earth Week: OVEC is hosting an Earth Day Live event tomorrow, April 23, at 2:00 p.m. If you are on Facebook, please join the FB event and invite your friends.  

Join OVEC for a live virtual storytelling event to hear from residents of the Ohio River Valley region about their connections to the river, and their concerns due to proposed petrochemical industrial expansion in our region, which could threaten the tap water for five million people, and greatly exacerbate methane and other toxic air and water emissions. We will call out some of the major financial underwriters of these projects.

movie camera emojiLIVE STREAM LINK

RSVP here

Find more Earth Day Live events here

Please do join us if you can!

Earth Day and democracy go hand in hand! Join in OVEC’s work with WV Citizens for Clean Elections; e-mail info@ohvec.org in you would like to help out. 

You can help out right now by sharing one of the sample posts below on your favorite social media channel.

  • Maintaining #FairCourts is crucial for maintaining clean air and clean water. #WV State Supreme Court elections are battle grounds for special interest groups that want to control the courts for their economic and political interests. Check https://wvoter-owned.org Tuesday for a link to help know our court candidates #EarthDay #WVpol 
  • The judiciary is one of the most important instruments protecting us from social, economic and political blows to our environment. As we prepare to elect an unprecedented 3 out of 5 justices to the #WV Supreme Court, we need to protect our right to vote in order to protect the world around us. Check https://wvoter-owned.org/ Tuesday. #EarthDay #FairCourts 
  • If we care about clean air and clean water, we need to fight to reduce the effect of money and influence on judicial decision-making, stay informed about our courts and vote for fair-minded judges. #EarthDay #WVpol #FairCourts https://wvoter-owned.org 


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