Pipeline at My Mailbox: A Photo Essay on the Construction of Ohio Valley Connector Pipeline in Wetzel County, WV

  • Introduction: 1-20
  1. Prepare work areas & laydown yards: 21-42
  2. Clear Cut timber–down trees & burn and stump grind: 43-64
  3. Clear cut RoW and trees gone: 65-74
  4. Trench dig assorted: 75-90
  5. Pipe transport; string out pipe; welding & X-ray: 91-118
  6. Pipe under roads: 119-131
  7. Pipe under-in stream bed: 132-154
  8. Cover over pipe and finish: 155-173

anotationNote: If you click on the page number in the toolbar of the slideshow below you can type in a number to go directly to any page. If either of the symbols at the right appears in the upper left corner of the slideshow you can hover on it for additional information.  If you use the full screen option you may want to zoom out (-) to reduce the width till the entire slide is visible (so no vertical scrolling will be needed when clicking from slide to slide).

Pipeline at my Mailbox
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Bill Hughes

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  1. Dear Mr. Hughes – I just scanned your photo blog “pipeline at my mailbox.” Truly an act of love. I will give it a more detailed look in the coming weeks. Here in Baltimore we are dealing with our gas utility, BGE, which is building the Granite Pipeline – through the biggest park in our city. We have opened a suit against the City and BGE to obtain fair compensation for the forested parkland we have lost. Phase 3 of the pipeline will begin soon. I will make an effort to do a photo essay on that as you have done. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Jack Lattimore, Board Member
    Friends of Gwynns Falls Leakin Park

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