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You can find photos of valley fills in OVEC's Mountaintop Removal Galleries

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Say No to Dumping Industrial Waste in US Waters! Support H.R. 4683

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Valley Fills and the Clean Water Act

Photo by Bob Gates

Action: Campaign for Clean Water

The White House is attempting to change the Clean Water Act to allow waste from mining operations to be legally dumped into waterways.  Fortunately, a bipartisan group in the House of Representatives has introduced legislation that would block this destructive rule change. Ask your representative to speak out against the administration's attack on our rivers and streams and cosponsor this important piece of legislation.  Click the link above to voice your opinion.

May 9, 2002
Judge blocks new valley fills:
Corps of Engineers' practice illegal,
violates Clean Water Act, Haden rules

Click here for PDF of Judge Haden's May 9 ruling

June 17, 2002
Judge Haden wont suspend valley fill ruling
Click here for PDF of Haden's latest ruling

July 31, 2002
State groups nix meeting with DOI head on
25th anniversary of federal mining law


Valley Fill Op-Eds:

Tom Paine on Valley Fills

Obliterating Clean Water

Corps of Engineers must realize that only fools bury streams

Administration Approves Filling US Waters with Waste


People in Action to Protect
the Clean Water Act

Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson Join Us at Congressional Hearing and Press Conference Calling for an End to Illegal Mountaintop Removal.
June 6, 2002
Coalfield Residents Visit Capitol Hill 
to Speak on Valley Fills
May 14-15,2002

Coal Summit Explores
The True Costs of Coal
Jun 20, 2002

Be sure to visit the OVEC news archives for May and June of 2002 for many news stories on Valley Fills, Judge Haden's ruling and the Bush Attack on the Clean Water Act.

You can find photos of valley fills in OVEC's
Mountaintop Removal Galleries


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