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Why I Support OVEC. I Hope You Will Too.
OVEC Dec 11, 2018
I’ve supported OVEC all these years because the tenacious group of people has enriched my life and my community. I am asking you to show your support to OVEC, too, by making your tax-deductible donation today.
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This #GivingTuesday: Help Stop the Petrochemical Zombie Attack
OVEC Nov 27, 2018
ASH would be a grave threat to the drinking water of millions of people. Politicians dreams of locking us into a petrochemical future is flat-out nuts, especially in light of all the grave climate change studies and reports that have emerged in recent months.
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Review of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming
Mary Wildfire Nov 25, 2018
Drawdown was a major collaborative effort involving 70 research fellows from 40 countries. It’s not so much a cohesive plan as a list of partial solutions: 80 that are tested and in use at least somewhere in the world, and another 20 that are speculative.
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Meet Alex Cole, OVEC’s Newest Staff Member
Alex Cole Nov 21, 2018
I come from a place with deep roots. I have spent my short 30 years studying our history and our ecology in an attempt to understand myself and my people. In my role as community organizer, I hope to continue that education and share what I have learned with as many people as possible.
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Plants, Plastics: The Hemp Kind Versus the Toxic Kind
Randi Pokladnik Nov 15, 2018
Why build an enormous petrochemical complex in the Ohio Valley to produce toxic plastics? Why risk our health? Let's embark on a major hemp production project to lift l without destroying the land, air and water we depend on!
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