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Dear OVEC members and supporters:

Everything we work for depends on a strong democracy! 

Please take this easy e-action by 5 p.m.July 10: Tell the State Election Commission to Support Transparency, Hold Politicians Accountable

Earlier this year, legislators passed SB 622, a bill that is disastrous for those of us who want elections where candidates listen to the voices of everyday people, not wealthy donors and special interests. Right now, the State Election Commission is writing rules on how the new law will be implemented and enforced. WV Citizens for Clean Elections (OVEC is a founding member of this broad coalition) has looked at the rules, and they need to be strengthened. You can help!

The details you need to take action can be found at the link above or here.

Also see this July 6 Charleston Gazette Mail op-ed by WVCCE’s Julie Archer: 
WV needs independence from money in politics