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Shepherdstown's Resolution for Ed & POP

10/12 Asheville Citizen-Times:  Documentary by local filmmakers shows cheap energy can come with a steep human price

9/21 Counter Punch: The Elementary School vs. the Strip Mine

9/20 Morgan Messenger: EPA checks Marsh Fork Elementary for coal dust

9/18 UPI Feature: Ed Wiley walks to save children

9/14 West Virginia Public Radio: Grandfather protesting coal operations near school makes it to DC

9/14 Beckley Register Herald: Long Trek

9/14 Daily Press Virginia: Wiley arrives in Washington, D.C., meets with Senator Byrd

9/14 State Journal: Raleigh County Grandfather Walks to Washington to Raise Awareness

9/13 Reuters:
Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

9/13 Daily Athenaeum:
Wiley arrives in Washington, D.C., meets with Senator Byrd

9/13 WV Metro:
Walking Grandpa In Washington

9/12 Associated Press:  Grandfather nears end of his trek to Washington

9/12 WVU Newspaper: Grandfather nears end of his trek to Washington

9/11 Reuters News Service in Washington Post: Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

9/5 Martinsburg Journal: Walking with purpose

8/24 DC Indy Media: Ed Wiley could kick Chuck Norris' Ass

8/23 Cumberland, MD Times News: March On Washington

8/17: Enduring Record-Breaking Heat and Torrential Rain, Grandfather Walks to Washington DC to Raise Funds for New School

8/17 The Morgan Messenger:  Man's protest walk goes through Morgan County to D.C.

8/16 Associated Press: Massey bid for coal silo near school rejected a second time

8/16 MetroNews Radio:
No Go For Silo

8/16 Beckley Register Herald: Massey loses bid for silo

8/12 The Inter Mountain: On to Washington, D.C.

8/11 Buckhannon Record Delta: Man fights to move school from near coal site

8/04 WV MetroNews Radio--Grandpa Keeps Walking

8/03 WV Public Radio--Grandfather walks to DC protest coal operation near school 

8/02 Photos from Press Conference

8/02 WV MetroNews Radio: Grandfather On His Way (mp3)

8/02 Grandfather begins walk to highlight school concerns

Raleigh man walking for school

Local grandpa to walk to D.C. for Marsh Fork kids

Grandfather Plans Walk to Raise Awareness of School Problems

Grandfather plans walk to highlight concerns with Massey plan

Public Voices Opinion On Coal Silo Near School

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Pennies of Promise Walk
Where's Ed?
Scroll Down for a Day-by-Day Check-In on Ed

On August 2nd Ed Wiley, passionate grandfather of a Marsh Fork Elementary School student, began a 40-day walk from Charleston, West Virginia to Washington, DC to raise awareness about the issues at Marsh Fork Elementary School and to fundraise for the Pennies of Promise campaign to build a new school. Each evening he will be stopping in a different town, with the hope of giving presentations regarding Marsh Fork Elementary to whoever will listen.

How you can help: Call Governor Manchin every day Ed is walking--his support vehicle folks are calling every day--and tell the Governor you want him to build a new school for the Marsh Fork kids in their community. Tell him every student in America deserves a safe place to go to school within their community. Tell him you think it's a shame a grandfather has to walk in order to prod the Governor to do what he should have done when he came into office a year and a half ago. (Previous Gov. Wise knew about the trouble at Marsh Fork, too.) Call him toll-free: 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-6000 or e-mail: Governor@WVGov.org.

Help us tell West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin: ALL TALK, NO ACTION--NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Video: Do You Remember Buffalo Creek? Walking Ed and the Pennies of Promise Campaign

September 13: Ed Arrives in DC
View our photo gallery of Ed's arrival in DC. Click here.

The final days...September 11, 12 and 13
Your info-poster who updates this page leaves Sept. 11 to join up with Ed. She travels to DC with a bunch of folks from the Pennies of Promise campaign and Coal River Mountain Watch. On Sept. 12, please, please call the Governor as detailed here. On Sept. 13, please join Ed and many of his supporters as he walks into DC for a press conference. Details here. Watch for us in the news. remember to make your donations for the new Marsh Fork Elementary School. Click on "Sponsor the Walk" here.

Day 41: September 11
Reuters News Service in Washington Post--Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

Day 40: September 10
Dispatch from Ed's support team member, Austin Hall:
Knock Knock Knockin on D.C.'s Door!!

When we started this epic adventure, we spoke in reverend tones about the distance that we had to go. 450 miles takes on an entirely new perspective when you are confronted with the reality that this is no longer a day trip, welcome to the 40-ay march to DC--with experiences we could never have imagined, countless memories...

We are now at the threshold of our final destination, 35 miles from DC. It is almost impossible to wrap your head around. Ed Wiley is knocking on the front door of our nation's capitol...Today was a turning point in the walk, we have entered the land of commuter traffic, 6 lane highways and the hustle and bustle that compliments the craziness of urban environments.

Shaun Price, a father of a Marsh Fork Elementary school student, accompanied Ed on his first interstate miles today. Down the highway these two men walked in the hot sun in adverse conditions in effort to deliver the students of Marsh Fork Elementary a SAFE school within their community.

I had a wonderful surprise today. This afternoon in Leesburg, Virginia two frantic women crossed the street bearing straight for us, waving their arms and screaming in a 6-yea-old on the playground sort of way. At first I was caught off guard, as was the rest of the party. But then upon closer inspection and to my absolute delight, I realized the two frantic women were my mom and sister with my cousin Shawn, who was not quite as frantic, but still excited to find us. Oh, and I almost forgot to to tell you--we have our meeting with Byrd! Ed Wiley will now bring the plea of the Marsh Fork Elementary School to the national delegation of West Virginia!

Days 35, 36, 38, 39: September 6, 7, 8, 9
Ed's walking away. Are you calling away? Call the governor today. Check the Pennies of Promise website for some new videos from Ed and Crew.

Day 34: Tuesday, September 5
Where is Ed this raining morning? He's setting off from Shepherdstown toward DC. Ed's arrival date for DC has been changed. He'll now arrive in DC on September 13, for a 1 p.m. press conference with Congressman Chris Shays outside the Cannon Office Building.

Please plan on joining Ed as he walks into DC. And please call Governor Manchin today! Details above.

Report from Austin Hall, on the road with Ed: Yesterday, at our party for Ed in Shepherdstown, there was an entire entourage of people who have gone way out of their way to support Ed and the walk. College kids, professors, working heroes, and little children gathered at the train station to give Ed the best West Virginia send-off I could have imagined. There are approximately 1000 people here in Shepherdstown, and by my estimates there was at least 100 people at our Ed Wiley Shindig--that is a tenth of the town that came to surround Ed and crew with love and encouragement.

First of all, our venue was amazing: an old train station with old creaky wood floors and tall ceilings, it was a perfect stage for Ed to deliver the best presentation I have seen him give thus far. Ed eloquently delivered his Marsh Fork Elementary presentation to an incredibly attentive audience. As Ed delivered his plea to help the school, a dozen Shepherdstown angels frantically crammed into a kitchen to prepare a free incredible meal for all who had come to support Ed, and the Speakeasy Boys a local bluegrass band tuned their instruments in anticipation of a good ole send-off for Mr. Ed Wiley.

After the presentation, the impromptu block party for Ed began. Children played on skateboards, the music started, dancing was had, and Ed mingled with his many loyal fans. Ed had become a local hero. For the entire afternoon, we celebrated for Ed and the cause. At one point in the afternoon we called the Governor and a crowd of supporters yelled into the phone "WE SUPPORT ED WILEY, LOVE SHEPHERDSTOWN." That should be a great message that the office gets this morning. The people of this town were not only generous with their time, but also with their donations  I am not sure how much was given for the school, but it was a lot. Looking out over the crowd I was overwhelmed with happiness. It looks as though we get to see our friends from Shepherdstown again--several people proclaimed they would be their for the arrival of Ed in DC. Mothers said they were taking their kids out of school for the occasion (incredible!). Our thanks for the people and town of Shepherdstown could never be expressed with my words. Ed and I and Jordan were deeply, deeply touched. ...We left Shepherdstown rested and rejuvenated, carrying with us to DC the love and support of our new and cherished friends from the oldest town in West Virginia.

Day 33: Monday, September 4
Read all about Ed's Day in the Martinsburg Journal: Walking with purpose

Day 32: Sunday, September 3
Dispatch from Austin Hall: It's Gonna be a Party! So after our much needed R and R here in Shepherdstown, we are gearing up for a shindig for Ed tomorrow. At 2 p.m. in Shepherdstown at the Train Station, Ed will have a stage to give a presentation on Marsh Fork Elementary. A local bluegrass band, who we hear is amazing (The Speakeasy Boys) are going to play in honor of Ed and the cause. After we get down to some music, we are all going to a park for a picnic. Shepherdstown WE LOVE YOU. After our stay here, with recharged batteries, we will march on to D.C. It hit me today that after 31 days on the road, we truly are nearing our goal of D.C. Being within 100 miles of Senator Robert Byrd is making me incredibly anxious. As always, Ed wants to express his love and thanks to all of our supporters--without you this walk would have been impossible.

Day 32: Saturday, September 2
Ed's chilling in Shepherdstown...except he's calling the Governor--are you?

Day 31: Friday, September 1
Ed's in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where the town passed a resolution welcoming and supporting Ed and the Pennies of Promise campaign. Please do the same! Donate, and call the governor. Details above.

Day 30: Thursday, August 31
Ed's in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and he'll be there for a few days. Check out this dispatch from Austin, one of Ed's support team members

Ed has been telling us from day one that when he makes it to Shepherdstown he will know in his mind that he will have made it. Well, we are here, and it definitely feels as though we have accomplished something great, just by making it here. Frank Salzano and the Shepherdstown crew have shown us an incredible welcome. From the moment we arrived we have been welcomed with meals, places to stay,and much needed rest and relaxation. Ed has been hitting the street with incredible results for his efforts. Professors have offered their classrooms for Ed to speak in, and donations are rolling in. It seems as though the entire town is behind us, and it feels great. We are way ahead of schedule and we intend to hang out in Shepherdstown until our September 4th town-hosted party for Ed. Which of course, I will be sharing stories about when we get to the event.

You can e-hang out with Ed and his crew by donating on line: click here.  And c-hang (call-hang?) with Ed by calling the Governor! See above Day 28 for the Governor's phone number and for messaging.

Go Ed!

Day 29: Wednesday August 30
Where's Ed? We aren't quite sure yet today, but he's closing in on DC. Please do you part for the Pennies of Promise campaign--call the governor! See above and below. And check out this news: EPA finds asbestos, coal dust at Marsh Fork grade school

Day 28: Tuesday August 29
From the Appalachian Voices blog:

Call The Governor! t is now urgent that you contact the Governor. 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-6000

Tell WV Governor Joe Manchin…

... that you stand with Ed Wiley,

...support his walk,

...support the building of a New Marsh Fork Elementary School,


1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-6000

Not in West Virginia will we allow coal dust to poison our children.

Not in North Carolina will we allow coal dust to poison our children.

Not in California will we allow coal dust to poison our children.

Not in the United States of America will we allow coal dust to poison our children, or make kids attend schools under faulty sludge impoundments holding 2.8 billion gallons of mountaintop removal waste.

Please take two minutes to tell the governor what you think.

1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-6000

Let him know that there is scientific certainty that these children are being poisoned by chemically treated coal dust, and that this shouldn’t go on a day longer!

Day 27: Monday August 28
Ed's only 120 miles from DC. He'll be walking through more densely populated areas now, which will slow him down as he explains the situation at Marsh Fork Elementary to more people.  You can help spread word about Marsh Fork Elementary by visiting the Pennies of Promise website and adding your pennies for the school. If you pledge a penny for every mile Ed will walk between Charleston, WV and DC, that's $4.55. That should still leave some pennies in your bank, so please pledge today! You can leave a comment for Ed on the website, too. And then call the governor. See above.

Dispatch from Austin Hall, one of Ed's support crew:
Great Cacapon, like Paw Paw, is quite small. But the effort the townspeople put forth to support Ed and Pennies of Promise is great. On the steps of the United Methodist Church on Main St. in Cacapon, Ed spread the word still further about the Marsh Fork Elementary School.

The reaction to Ed's story has now become incredibly predictable. Everyone, no matter what walk of life, is baffled by the situation.

It's as if their minds won't let the image of a 385-foot tall sludge dam looming over an elementary school process as reality. At the close of Ed's presentation, the Pastor of the church, members of the community, and the youth group children offered Ed pennies, hugs, warm words and promises of support. As always, to see Ed with children is touching. The children we meet embody the very reason we are out here. They drive us to succeed. For the Children of Appalachia we will keep on pushing ever closer to D.C.

Day 26: Sunday August 27
Ed's still a walking and it's still hot, hot, hot. Help the Pennies of Promise campaign keep the heat on the governor--call today and leave a message, then call tomorrow to make sure the gov got the message. See above for message, phone numbers.

Day 25: Saturday August 26
Ed spent the night in Great Cacapon, W.Va. He spoke with a Reuters reporter yesterday, so watch for a story in the national news.  As Ed walks on toward DC, Please call the governor! See above.

Dispatch from Austin Hall, one of Ed's support crew:
Day 25: It rained for the first time in a month last night. Here in the Eastern Panhandle things have been really dry. For the last two nights, we have been camping on the banks of the very beautiful Cacapon River.

The peaceful river has rejuvenated our road-tired spirits. It is really a luxury, in our eyes, to be able to retreat to the woods at the end of a long day, kick off our shoes, take a swim, and enjoy the shade of massive silver maple trees...After a very long and hot day we all retreated to the banks of our new favorite river, The Cacapon. That's just about when the clouds rolled in. They offered a much needed deluge for the greenery of the panhandle, but sent us scrambling for cover.

Luckily, adjacent to our campsite was an overpass bridge. It served as an excellent shelter from a really excellent thunderstorm. Amidst the chaos of getting all of our stuff in the dry and making sure we were out of reach of any flood waters, we realized this would be an amazing time for Ed to share his thoughts for an on camera interview.

With the cameras rolling we could capture one of the many unexpected situations we have encountered over our three hundred mile journey.

Filmmaker Mike O'Connell and Ed-support-crew member Jordan sprang into action--viola--we had lighting provided by Mike's pickup truck headlights. Ed asked the camera, " Would Joe Manchin be out here for the children of West Virginia"? I watched, from a rainy patch of woods, what in my opinion was the most powerful visual image of the whole trip. Ed holding the drenched Pennies banner, spotlighted with headlights, as lighting flashed and thunder boomed behind him.

We are out in all kinds of very different and sometimes challenging situations. Yet we always remain steadfast, with the knowledge that our efforts, especially Ed's will result in a new Marsh Fork Elementary. I hope everyone is still calling the Governor, if not get on it, call Senator Byrd as well and tell him of Ed and the Pennies March.

Day 24: Friday August 25
We haven't heard yet today where Ed is. Have you called the governor yet today? See above. Please call!

Day 23: Thursday August 24
Thursday, 12 Noon - Rotary Luncheon Meeting, Maria's Garden, Berkeley Springs. Park At City Bank. Expect him to talk to Mayor Susan Webster. Rotary president Charlotte Sherman will present him with pennies collected!

Thursday, 1:30 p.m.  Gathering at Community Garden Market. Ed will be presented with pennies collected there. Other individuals are invited to meet him and bring more pennies. Ed will continue his walk, from Berkeley Springs toward Martinsburg. He'll return to  Berkeley Springs on the 27th for an event, 3 p.m. at the Red Guitar.

Day 22: Wednesday August 23
Trod on, brother! Ed met with folks at the Stoney Creek Store, Largent. Owner Joe Decker presented him with pennies collected!

Ed then walked from Largent to Great Cacapon. In the evening, him attended a gathering at Calvary Methodist Church, organized by children.

Call the governor! (See above.) Tell him Ed's collecting pennies. Is he, the gov, moving on his promises to help the children at Marsh Fork Elementary?

Day 21: Tuesday August 22
Mega-thanks to Abby Chapple! Today, Ed met with Robert Palmer, the mayor of Paw Paw, W.Va. He spoke to a gathering of folks at the Liberty Gas Station in Paw Paw. He's staying overnight  in Largent.

Day 20: Monday August 21
Ed's support team member Austin Hall checks in: After a very long stretch of open road, Ed finally reached a town of decent size. The Pennies of Promise walk descended upon Romney this morning around 11 am. We were met with curious stares, beeps of the horn, the editor the the local paper (the Hampshire Review), and some very friendly librarians. Ed posed for pictures taken by the editor, and we hope to see Ed's smiling face in the next issue. The local librarians in Romney came to the sidewalk to inquire about Ed and his giant flag. They offered the library as a rest stop and a place for Ed to tell his story. As always, Ed delivered the story of Marsh Fork in excellent detail and patience. The listeners were of course appalled and offered donations, and kind words of support to the Pennies of Promise walk to D.C. Last night Jordan, Ed and I camped along the banks of the South Branch of the Potomac River. Ed said we should make a raft and just float the rest of the way. It was encouraging to know that we were along a waterway that flows into our final destination. In a way, the river was letting us know we were close, and that we should just keep rolling on. 280 miles and counting! Why don't ya'll call the governor and tell him how awesome you think Ed is, and how he should get us a new school!

Day 19: Over 250 miles into the walk, at Bulington, West Virginia (near Romney) on Sunday, August 20.
                                 --Photo by Abbey Chapple

Day 19: Sunday August 20
We haven't heard where Ed is. We have heard that some of you have been calling and e-mailing the governors. Please keep it up and get more people to do the same! See the information just above Ed's walking, walking, walking. You can be calling, calling, calling.

Day 18: Saturday August 19
Where's Ed? We don't know. Do you know if you have been calling the governor? Please do! See the information just above.

Day 17: Friday August 18
A check-in from Austin, one of Ed's support team members: After a short exit from West Virginia into Maryland, we are back on home turf. Currently Ed is walking on a particularly hilly section of Rt.50...Ed still surprises me with his stamina and determination, and as each day advances I realize how far we have gone and it amazes me. Spirits are high, the weather is great, and we are beginning to realize we are really going to make it to D.C. Please call the governor! See above.

Day 16: Thursday August 17
Where's Ed? Taking his first steps into another state, though his route will soon bring him back into West Virginia. Celebrate his new state--call the governor and tell him to make a new school for Marsh Fork Elementary kids happen--in their community.

Day 15: Report from the Road
Austin Hall, on Ed's Pennies of Promise Walk support team, reports: 225 miles-halfway there; And the day Ed conquered Cheat Mountain, elev. 2987
Well we have arrived at our mileage halfway point, and I must say it is an amazing feeling. Yet there could not have been a more challenging obstacle in front of our hallowed halfway point than Cheat Mountain. This particular mountain, which rises just before the Maryland border, has been looming over our heads for the past two days. To drive it is difficult, to walk it was insane. Three miles straight up, with a dozen blind curves and logging trucks careening down our own little West Virginia Everest. But of course, Ed conquered this mountain with the ease of a mountain goat. At the top of this treacherous peak, Ed was no more flustered than he had been walking on flat ground. After 225 miles I guess the man has adjusted to walking all day!

Ed stopped outside Aurora West Virginia, with the bluest sky I can remember as his backdrop of success. Tomorrow we will walk into Maryland for just a few miles before dropping back into West Virginia. But we won't pass through Maryland without making some noise. The local press has already been clued in to Ed's walk. They are planning to meet us on the roadside for photographs and an interview. The news of Ed Wiley and the plight of Marsh Fork Elementary School is spreading like wildfire. We are still receiving amazing support-- people from all walks of life agree on that we must get the students of our community a new school.

Just yesterday, on a lonely stretch of road, I had the opportunity to share Ed's story with a small group of state inmates working with the WVDOT. These men were outraged at the situation, awestruck that children would be subjected to this clearly negligent situation. As I told these men of Ed and his journey they became visibly inspired. I spoke with them for a half an hour. By the end of our converstation, they had given Ed their snacks from their bag lunches, and vowed to write letters to Joe Manchin--" All we have is time, we can manage a letter." This encounter further assured me of the validity of our cause and the worth and purity this walk carries with it. I will not forget these men and their whole hearted support of a man they would not even have a chance to meet. One inmate, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed his concerns about his own children and that Ed is truly fighting for all children of Appalachia. Upon seeing the aerial flyover shot of Marsh Fork Elementary he exclaimed, "Man, they wouldn't even build a prison there much less an elementary school."

Ed again wanted to convey his heartfelt thanks to all of the supporters of this walk. Especially now that we are halfway to Washington, we realize we have made it here with y'alls support, which aids Ed through each long mile. I also wish to convey my thanks--I see firsthand how the support of everyone is making this walk a true success. So call the Governor and tell him of our achievements!

Day 15: Wednesday August 16, 2006
No report yet this morning on Ed's whereabouts--except for in the news. (See 8/16 links to news coverage in the sidebar.) Victory! The DEP denied Massey Energy's request to build a second coal silo even closer to the kids.

Sarah Haltom of the watchdog group Coal River Mountain Watch said she was pleased with the decision.

“But the silos are not the only problem, and if Massey’s engineers cannot even get a map right, how can we expect them to maintain a 2.8 billion gallon sludge dam above the school?’’ she asked. “These children still deserve a new school in their own community away from all of the threats that hover over them from the Massey sites here.’’

Help forward the Pennies of Promise campaign goal of  obtaining a new, safe school for the kids in their community. Call the governor today! Details above in red.

Day 14: Tuesday August 15, 2006
Where's Ed? He must be in a land of spotty cell phone reception and few Internet hook-ups, because we don't know where he is--except in the news! Coal River Mountain Watch received great news--DEP once again denied Massey Energy's request to build a second coal silo even closer to the kids attending Marsh Fork Elementary! Celebrate this victory by calling the governor. Remind him the kids are far from safe. They deserve a new school in their community, away from this messy Massey operation.  Call the governor toll-free: 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-6000 or e-mail: Governor@WVGov.org. Remind him Ed is still walking and the Pennies of Promise campaign is still getting donations for a new school. Ask him why he doesn't do the right thing so Ed can stop walking!

Day 13: Monday August 14, 2006
Ed has turned onto Rt.50 heading straight toward DC. Ed has logged 180 miles! Please do your part--call the governor. See the information just above.

Day 12: Sunday August 13, 2006
Where's Ed? We don't know. Do you know if you have been calling the governor? Please do! See the information just above.

Day 11: Saturday August 12, 2006
Ed left Buckhannon this morning and is heading for Philippi today. A note from Austin:  Spirits are still high, and the country we are currently traveling is absolutely stunning. We had the pleasure of camping of on the Middle Fork River last night. Relaxing by firelight eating hotdogs and boiled potatoes and listening to Ed's endless supply of stories has become a treasured end of the day routine. In two days we will be heading east on Rt. 50, this has been a mental marker in my mind since Day 1. When we turn right on 50 we will be leaving West Virginia behind, walking straight towards our nation's capitol, and hopefully walking closer towards a new school for the children of Marsh Fork Elementary. I am wildly curious as to how we will be received in the upcoming suburbs, cities and towns. I yearn to see how the world outside of West Virginia will react to Ed's impassioned delivery of Marsh Fork's dire situation. Only time will tell, and for now we will burn up the miles, and take our message to everyone we possibly can.

Ed is currently somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 miles. In 65 miles we will have reached the halfway point! Ed continually wants me to share with everyone, that all of his supporters are with him every step of the way, and that his heart goes out to all of those that believe in this cause.

Day 10: Friday August 11, 2006
A note from Austin: Hello from Buckhannon. Ed arrived on Main St. this morning, right around. Following our local TV news appearance last night, and a very good article in the Record Delta this morning, Ed was very well received in this town. Last night, JW Randolph joined Ed's support crew. His energy has boosted our slightly road-weary spirits, and with his help Jordan and I were able to hit the ground in Buckhannon running. Pamphlets were passed around, and we secured last minute media coverage from the Inter Mountain newspaper. Ed boldly walked down Main St., purple flag waving in the wind, accompanied by a reporter for the Inter Mountain Paper. To our delight Janet Keating from Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition joined Ed for a few miles of his journey to D.C. (She also treated us to lunch which was wonderful, we all want to thank her for her support and of course for the food). Today Ed and the Pennies Of Promise march heads north out of Buckhannon toward Rt.119 and our next town, Philippi Ed is currently at 150 miles and showing no signs of slowing down. We are still going strong, so please keep up the phone calls to the Governor, not one day must go by without his office knowing we are still out here! Thanks again, Austin.

Day 9: Thursday August 10, 2006
Ed's in Buckhannon today. He had interviews with the local paper, the Record Delta, and WDTV Channel 5. Keep making the calls to Governor Manchin--see above for info.

Day 8: Wednesday August 9, 2006
Ed should arrive in Rock Cave tonight. He clocked another 16 miles yesterday--when, as Ed clocked the 100 mile mark, the torrential rain let up, the sun came out, and Ed made a heartfelt speech of thanks to all who have supported the Pennies of Promise campaign.

Ed wanted to make sure everyone knew about the ammonia spill for a coal prep plant in Upshur County, where he should be by the end of the day. The spill killed fish along 1.5 miles of stream Tuesday. What would have happened had this spill been at the coal prep plant that borders the Marsh Fork Elementary School?

Ed should be in Buckhannon tomorrow or early the next day.  At Buckhannon, he heads up 119 North to Grafton, then it's 50 East to Romney.

Day 7: Tuesday August 8, 2006
Ed's amazing! In 7 days he has walked over 100 miles for the Pennies of Promise campaign. Please make those calls to the Governor, as above, and please hook up Ed with speaking engagements and places to stay along the way. See "How you Can Help" in the sidebar above.

Start of Day 6: Monday August 7, 2006
From Austin, on the road with Ed: After 8 hours of heavy thunder and lighting (overnight), the morning turned out to be quite pleasant. Ed began his walk on Day 6 in the town of Gassaway. With the patience of Job, Ed told and retold his story to everyone he encountered. Here comes the good part, as he passed the Mayor's office in Gassaway, Ed decided it would be best to pay him a little visit. Ed marched right into the Mayor's office told him the plea of the Marsh Fork issue, and asked if he would call the Governor to relay his own concerns about the Marsh Fork Elementary School. From the way Jordan described the scene, it sounded pretty outstanding( I was busy getting ice for our constantly warming cooler). Today, Ed heads into Sutton WV, the first substantial town since Charleston. You can bet Jordan I will be there to inform the masses of the oncoming fright train, we call Ed.

End of Day 5: Sunday August 6, 2006
Ed's in Gassaway, and if we all walked like him we could put that gas away. But for now, let's get the Marsh Fork Elementary kids away from the coal silo, the prep plant and the sludge dam. That's why Ed's walking--to get them a new school in their community.  The last two nights, Ed and crew have camped along the Elk River. Today Ed walked another 16.5 miles. He's heading toward Sutton tomorrow.

Notes from Austin, on the road with Ed:  
Thunder and lighting stayed our constant companions on the night of Day 5. Ed walked, blisters and all, another 16.5 miles. We spent the night once again on the Elk River, in what some would call a torrential downpour. As Jordan and I retired to our tents, Ed stayed awake to watch the lighting and unwind a bit. Jordan and I were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. As we slept Ed, watched a small bobcat stroll right through our campsite in between our tents and into the woods.

Start of Day 5: Sunday August 6, 2006
Ed's heading for Sutton today.

End of Day 4: Saturday, August 5, 2006
Another 16.7 miles gobbled away. 66.7 miles total so far. Ed's a walking machine.  Austin reports (Austin and Justin are his on-the-road support team), " We are in some seriously rural country. Ed spends long sections on open road with no distractions but the meandering Elk river, the occasional fruit tree, and the noxious roadkill cat. At first I thought walking empty roads was worthless, but now I am seeing that it is allowing Ed a peaceful time to get solidly into the groove of walking...Support on the road continues, it is strange to be out of Coal River where this issue gains 100% support from all the people we encounter. From State troopers to Coal Miners wives, moving the school is every ones first instinct. There is a completely different air in this region of West Virginia, devoid of the tumultuous vibe felt in Coal River. Jordan remarked yesterday that even the trees seemed happier... I am sitting now in Sutton (The next big town Ed will reach)... A household right on Main St. is being kind enough to let Jordan and I sit in the comfort of their beautiful home and use their wireless Internet. We intend to call the Gov today even though it is Sunday, I hope everyone at home is continuing to make those calls..."

More Day 4: Meanwhile, Back at the Manchin
Several of the folks who gave Ed a grand send-off from Charleston, West Virginia on Day One of the Pennies of Promise walk hightailed it Charleston, South Carolina the next day. Down there, they have been joined by more Appalachians representing Mountain Justice Summer 2006, which is confronting the National Governors' Conference with the truth about the deadly cycle of coal.  West Virginia Governor Manchin is at the conference. If he thought he could get away from the Pennies of Promise campaign or people demanding a sane energy future (i.e. no more mountaintop removal, no disastrous coal-to-liquid schemes), he was wrong! Click here to read about all the festivities the MJS crew has lined up for the governors. I wonder if any of MJS folks have some of Ed's socks from the walk to hand to Manchin...? 

Start of Day 4: Saturday, August 5, 2006
Ed's on his way to Frametown, WV.  Please help by providing housing, setting up speaking engagements, donating for the school.  See this action alert for details on how you can help.  By all means, call the Governor!  See the How you can help info above.

Road Communiqué Day 3: Friday, August 4, 2006
Austin and Jordan, Ed's support team, report that Ed's 10 a.m. interview on MetroNews was excellent, but it meant a late start. Nevertheless, Ed gobbled up 17 miles in 89 degree weather. Way cooler than the first two days.  People continue their outpouring of support!

End of Day 3: Friday, August 4, 2006
It is 10 p.m., do you know where Ed is?  No communication yet. Ed and his team could be settling down somewhere for the evening in the wilds of Clay County, far from cellular service and Internet access. Or maybe they got detained, questioned for trying to mail Ed's dirty socks to the Governor?

Start of Day 3: Friday August 4, 2006
10:30 a.m. Hoppy Kercheval interviews Ed on his "Talkline" show on the MetroNews radio network.

End of Day 2: Thursday August 3, 2006
17 miles today. No blisters, all smiles.  Supportive honks, ice-water brought out to the roadside. Calls and e-mails to the governor. E-mail note from Austin Hall, a field organizer for Appalachian Voices who is driving Ed's support vehicle: 

Ed ventured seventeen heat drenched miles at the close of day two. As you all know we had a wonderful reception in our second town Clendenin WV earlier today. I discovered how valuable traveling ahead of Ed is, with proper town crying you can essentially capture these small towns, even if it is for a brief moment, you can certainly make an impression. Our Pennies of Promise pamphlets are absolutely essential, they double Ed's attention gathering potential. People are genuinely interested in what he is out here doing out here. Traffic slows, sometimes stops, but always slows.

A woman of outstanding energy intersected Ed in tears. Vicky Jo had read about Ed in the paper, she was moved to get in the car and find him. Find him she did. After a few encouraging hugs to Ed she then promptly ventured forward ahead of the Pennies March , to spread the word of the oncoming ED. Spread the word she did! Vicki Jo has arranged a live from the road, radio interview with Ed on the Metro News Radio Network heard statewide in WV. We will be on the air tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10:30 am. the Host is a DJ named "Hoppy". Tune in and here the man SPEAK! Hope fully pictures will be attached to this email. Various on the road ED between Elk View WV and Clendenin and into Clay County WV. We called the Governor today to tell him we are still out here, still kickin. DID YOU CALL GOVERNOR JOE MANCHIN AND TELL HIM ABOUT PENNIES OF PROMISE AND ED WILEY TODAY?

Middle of Day 2: Thursday August 3, 2006
E-mail note from Austin Hall, a field organizer for Appalachian Voices who is driving Ed's support vehicle:  It is noon in Clendenin WV, need I say it is hot...? Ed is still a machine, the man baffles me. This morning we received a wonderful welcome from passers by, money was given, kind words, and thankfully cold cold water. We just sat beneath a stoop, with a Vietnam vet, who was enamored with the story of Ed and the Marsh Fork issue. He kindly gave 5$; it was incredibly inspiring and quite a seen to witness. ITS HOT ITS HOT ITS HOT so call JOE MANCHIN and tell him no Gramps should be out in this weather, and when you are done telling Manchin, pick the phone back up and call Byrd. The calls to Manchin's office, in my opinion, are imperative. PLEASE call do not for a day let this Governor forget that his constituents are forced to take these drastic measurements to protect their children.

End of Day 1: Wednesday August 2, 2006
In sweltering heat, and with long strides, Ed moved along Rt. 119 heading north from Charleston, W.Va.  He walked to a spot beyond the town of Pinch, W.Va. --about 16 miles total. Tonight Ed and his support crew will stay in a supporter's house near Spencer, W.Va.

Day One: After 16 miles, in weather topping 100 degrees on the heat index, Ed's feet look fine. His socks were another story.
                                 --Photo by V.S.

Day 1: Wednesday August 2, 2006
State Capitol at 9 a.m.: Dozens of supporters and a pack of media attended a press conference that kicked-off the Pennies of Promise walk from Charleston, WV to Washington, DC.  See photos from the event here.


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