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January 3, 2011

The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) is based in Huntington, W.Va. and has been a leader in the movement to abolish mountaintop removal for more than a decade.

Statement from OVEC Executive Director Janet Keating
on EPA's Veto of the Spruce No. 1 Mountaintop Removal Mine

Contact Janet Keating at 304-360-1979

We breathe a huge sigh of relief today and we thank the EPA and the Obama Administration for enforcing the Clean Water Act. We are so pleased that this historic veto of the Spruce No. 1 Mine permit halts the destruction of Pigeon Roost Hollow. 

Spruce No. 1 is the only individual permit to have undergone a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The science completely validates what we have been saying for more than a decade: These types of mining operations are destroying our streams and forests and nearby residents health, and even driving entire communities to extinction. This type of steep slope coal mining is destroying our cultural heritage and our future.  

We will continue our work to halt other illegal permits, both in-progress and pending. These other permits should also be subject to an EIS.


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