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The day after OVEC took the ground shot, a cameraman flew over Stover--and said to himself--that can't be Stover, there are bulldozer tracks! But indeed, dozers had moved into the area--and blasting equipment too. But it was at least close to Stover. The coal company maintains it is following the law, and thus conducting no mining activity within 100 feet of the graves. As of 7-23, the WV Department of Environmental Protection was in concurrence with the coal company. DEP also promised citizens could get on site for an inspection. People who have relatives buried here contend that the cemetery boundaries are not well marked and believe graves may have been destroyed. In this photo, all the light tan material at left is freshly-destroyed area. Compare this shot with the green in the shot above. Just six days later--the right-most forested hump is gone!
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