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What you can do to change West Virginia policy on global warming / climate instability.
Make your local government pay attention...Engage your friends and family...Take climate action in West Virginia.

Take Action Locally

On Nov. 17, 2006, Shepherdstown became the first municipality in West Virginia to support a global greenhouse gas agreement. The Town Council voted to sign on to the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.

No matter where you live, you can attend Town Council and County Commission meetings--over and over again, if you need to--and ask that your local officials sign on to the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.

Show your officials the Blueprint for Any City and let them know reducing greenhouse gas emissions can save money.

Also see Sierra Club's Cool Cities Campaign


OVEC recommends that you and your organization join CLEAN

OVEC believes that global warming poses the gravest threat to our planet and mankind. Therefore, we are working with the Civil Society Institute and other groups across the nation to advance energy policy that promotes safe, clean, renewable wind and solar and other clean energy initiatives. We can make our nation a leader on combating the impacts of global warming! We believe that a strong citizen's voice is needed to advance these measures. That is why we are collaborating with CSI and other groups to form a grassroots movement: Citizens Leading Energy Action Now (CLEAN) -- a groundswell of citizens that can not be ignored by Washington DC policy makers.

Right now, the thing we most need you to do is help us expand our network. Please take a moment to forward this text to at least five friends, associates or family members, and ask them to sign the CLEAN Call To Action today. Let them know a new energy policy is necessary and we can no longer wait for our business leaders and politicians to get there. It's up to us to act.

OVEC has had a hand in shaping this Call to Action and believes that the policies proposed in the Call are essential to reduce greenhouse gasses, to reduce global warming, and will help create a new clean, green energy economy for our nation.

Since our government has been dragging its feet, it's time for citizens to lead NOW. Individuals as well as organizations can sign on to this call. Our government officials need to hear from regular people that they should move forward quickly with this new energy policy that promotes clean, renewable energy to preserve the planet for the sake of our children and future generations.

The U.S., which accounts for 25% of all global warming gasses has a responsibility to be a leader on this issue.

Please join OVEC in this important effort. And please, encourage your friends and family members to join the CLEAN Call to Action, too.


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Global warming will bring more frequent and intense storms resulting in more costly and dangerous flooding.

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Scientist Mel Tyree may be available to speak on global warming to your group. Contact vivian (at) ohvec.org for more info.

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