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Julia (Judy) Bonds -- Mountain Heroine

Goldman Environmental Prize Winner for North America

April 14, 2003
Photos by Vivian Stockman unless noted

Congratulations Judy! Judy is Community Outreach Coordinator of the Coal River Mountain Watch, which is based in Whitesville, WV. The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world's largest prize program honoring grassroots environmentalists.

We at OVEC are so excited that Judy has won this prestigious prize! We've watched her develop over the years. It's clear she's the perfect person for this great honor, as she's not only a highly effective, courageous leader and organizer, but also a dynamic speaker and a team player truly committed to ending mountaintop removal.

Judy is obviously motivated by a fierce, protective love for the Appalachian Mountains, which have nurtured six generations of her coal-mining family. She knows and lives the truth about mountaintop removal, and she speaks that truth despite intimidation and a torrent of public relations tripe from the coal industry. Her passion and bravery inspire others to speak up against coal's destruction of their communities, their waters and their mountains.

Judy's winning of this prestigious prize is a dramatic underscoring of what we all know--that mountaintop removal is the most devastating and egregious planned environmental assault in the United States. We certainly hope Judy's award focuses nationwide attention on this very sad and unnecessary by-product of our nation's gluttonous energy appetite.

As more people know that when they flip on the light switch they are helping to blow the tops off richly-forested mountains, perhaps more people will take greater efforts to conserve energy and to demand that elected leaders make an all-out push for establishing truly clean alternative energy systems nationwide. That would be the greatest prize Judy could ever receive.

Below are some photos of Judy in action.

Judy Bonds (left) with Freda Williams. Behind them is one arm of Marfork Coal's massive Brushy Fork coal slurry impoundment. This Massey Energy subsidiary's impoundment could hold up to five billion gallons of coal slurry, liquid waste left over from processing coal for market. The impoundment looms over the headwaters of the Coal River, near Whitesville, West Virginia. 

Judy speaks at a June 2002 press conference in Washington DC about Bush administration changes to the Clean Water Act that legalize illegal mountaintop removal activities .

Judy (left) and Freda Williams at a valley fill near Artie, West Virginia.
Photo by Bob Gates

Judy, front, and friends at a Massey Energy coal sludge impoundment.

Judy as one of the crowd at a rally against a coal truck weight limit increase.


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