Webinar on Environmental Justice, Water Rights, and Mine Reclamation on Native Land: Black Mesa and Kayenta Mines

From The Alliance for Appalachia


After nearly a half-century of mining coal on Hopi and Navajo land, Peabody Energy has ceased operations on the massive Black Mesa and Kayenta surface mines and shut down the associated power plants. These mines razed the land, disturbed historic cultural sites, and devastated precious surface and groundwater resources. All the while, federal regulators routinely ignored community concerns, and rubber-stamped Peabody’s every move.

Hopi and Navajo communities are calling on the Department of the Interior to hold Peabody accountable, and to work with Native communities to develop a reclamation plan that accounts for the restoration of water resources, repatriation and reburial of ancestral remains and artifacts, restoration of traditional cultural properties, and economic transition for workers and communities impacted by the closure of the mines and power plants.

The Alliance for Appalachia deals with some similar, and some very different, issues in our own region, and we communicate with many of the same figures in the Department of the Interior and other federal entities.

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