The Toxic Story of Plastics with Dr. Randi Pokladnik

Information from Dover Library to host environmental expert

Via Zoom, the Dover (Ohio) Public Library hosts a program about the toxicity of plastics featuring OVEC volunteer Dr. Randi Pokladnik, an expert in environmental studies.

With her “The Toxic Story of Plastics” presentation, Randi will explain the life cycle of plastic production and follow plastics from cradle to grave, examining all the externalities involved and how plastics affect human health and the environment.

Due to COVID-19, this informative presentation will take place on Zoom on Wednesday, Sept. 16, beginning at 6:30 p.m. To register for the program, send an email to You will receive a link to join the group for the presentation.

The “life cycle” of plastic is a complicated one. In the beginning oil and gas must be extracted from the earth and refined. This material is then used to manufacture products for human consumption such as furniture, bottles, tires, to name a few. After the plastic has been used, it ends up in the waste-management system (recycling) or in the environment (landfills or oceans). No matter what stage of life the plastic is in, human beings are exposed to toxic chemicals.

Plastics and related chemicals enter people’s bodies through inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. These chemicals and particles of plastic affect every major system in the body: cardiovascular, reproductive, neurological, respiratory, gastrointestinal and endocrine.

Sherrel Rieger, adult programming specialist at the library, believes people have to do more than reduce, reuse and recycle.