Community Listening Session on Repairing the Damage from Hazardous Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells

Repairing the Damage from Hazardous Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells
A Federal Plan to Grow Jobs in the Ohio River Valley and Beyond

Over the last several years, there has been growing attention at the state and federal level to address the problems associated with millions of abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells across the nation. Unplugged or improperly plugged abandoned oil and gas wells are causing extensive environmental damage and imposing health and safety risks because they are leaching pollutants into the air and water, including methane. The report explores the potential benefits of a large-scale federal program to plug abandoned oil and gas wells in the Ohio River Valley states of Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

The author, Ted Boettner, will share key findings and recommendations of the draft report to elicit feedback and answer questions from advocates, community members, scholars, researchers and other stakeholders.

In addition, Dana Kuhnline with Reimagine Appalachia will discuss how the “Repairing the Damage” project fits into a large-scale Appalachian climate infrastructure package.

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