Maryanne Graham

Maryanne Graham
Administrative Director Emeritus

Maryanne Graham, Administrative Director Emeritus: 
After over two decades with OVEC, Maryanne retired in Summer 2020.

As our former Administrative Director, Maryanne was a behind-the-scenes, but vitally important staff person at OVEC. The bulk of her work entailed handling payroll, income and expenses for the organization. She also conferred with the auditor and filed regular reports to state and federal authorities, met with OVEC’s Board of Directors Finance Committee, and prepared quarterly reports for OVEC’s board of directors. She was also a key person in sending membership renewal and donation letters.

Retired Executive Director Janet Keating remarked on Maryanne’s many contributions to the organization in her farewell letter:

Although most of her efforts have been behind the scenes, Maryanne has been essential and integral to OVEC’s success as what I love to call a “little-big” organization. Without her diligence, eye for detail, and expertise, OVEC couldn’t have become the nationally and internationally award-winning organization it is today. And, as savvy as she is at the office, if an important protest or event were planned, you could find her there as a valuable member of the OVEC team. Besides being impeccable with OVEC’s finances, she truly cares about the earth, the world in which her kids (and someday, grandkids) live. She walks the talk—remodeling her home with non-toxic materials, recycling, eating healthy, and driving a Tesla!

Thank goodness, Maryanne is not all business, though. We always had good times, dancing at the annual Treehuggers’ Ball or hanging out during staff retreats. And because we are also good friends, I could always count on Maryanne to show up on special occasions (before COVID-19), ready to relax, share some laughs and a good glass of wine and dance, dance, dance! She has always striven for balance—body, mind, and spirit.