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Formed in 1967, the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy is the state's oldest environmental advocacy organization. For four decades, the Conservancy has been a leader in citizen efforts on a variety of mining issues critical to protecting the environment and life in the central Appalachian region. WVHC's monthly publication, the HIGHLANDS VOICE, documents many of these efforts from administrative and legal attempts to defend the original intent of the Surface Mine Act and Clean Water Act, to preventing acid mine drainage and insisting on adequate fi nancial guarantees to cover the cost of reclamation at mined sites. Key to our work on mountaintop removal is our longtime effort to prohibit the dumping of mine waste into headwater streams, a critical factor in minimizing the size and impact of large-scale mining.

Cindy Rank, WVHC Mining Committee
HC 78 Box 227, Rock Cave, WV 26234
Phone & Fax: 304-924-5802

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