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Sierra Club
Central Appalachian Environmental Justice Program

The purpose of the Sierra Club's Central Appalachian Environmental Justice program is to support the work of coalfi eld activists in their struggles against the irresponsible practices of the mining industry. Our motivation is to support the agenda of individual communities and grassroots groups we are invited to collaborate with. Our efforts are directed through the leadership of these communities and groups with the intention of providing resources that will build capacity, empower local groups, and ultimately allow them to control their quality of life. These resources have included: trainings in leadership and organizational development, media, diversity and dismantling racism, and organizing one on one. The program also provides access to Sierra Club internal communication.

Bill McCabe, Environmental Justice Organizer
726 Clinch Mountain Road, Eidson, TN 37731
Phone: 423-944-3220; Fax: 423-944-3221


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