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OVEC Action Alert - June 30, 2004


Charleston-area activities on July 3 and July 4

~With thanks to Anna Sale of the Sierra Club~

July 3 and 4: Annual Independence Day Celebration on Kayford Mountain
Join Larry Gibson and other members of the Stanley Heirs Foundation on Kayford Mountain this Saturday from 1 to  5 p.m. and Sunday from 12:30 p.m. until ? Please bring drinks and a covered dish to share. Stan McDaniels provides the music on Saturday. There's gospel singing and a church service on Sunday. From Kayford Mountain you can see--and sometimes feel (blasting)--mountaintop removal coal mining in action.  
Directions to Kayford Mountain:
Take I-64 East from Charleston.  Take the exit right after the first toll, #79 (Sharon-Cabin Creek). Go right at the bottom of the ramp and make an immediate left onto Cabin Creek Road. Go 7.5 miles to the Y at Leewood and take the right fork. Go almost 4 miles and come to blacktop and dirt. At left-hand corner, take the one-lane bridge across the creek. Stay on this road for nearly 2 miles up the hill.  Follow the guard rails to the end where you will come to a large white rock. Bear right for 0.1 mile to Stanley Heirs' Park. Ask folks how to get to the cemetery, from which you can see mountaintop removal.

July 4: Bush in Charleston--Rally to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable for its Environmental Policies
Bush will be somewhere in Charleston on July 4.  Join the Sierra Club and WV Patriots for Peace at 3 p.m. on Sunday,  July 4 at the Robert C. Byrd Building, 300 Virginia Street, E., to ask him:  At What Cost?: The Bush Administration Policies Hurt West Virginians!
Special guest appearance by Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. Come out on Independence Day to rally in support of a vision for America--where coalfield communities have clean water, our mountains are protected, and we are moving forward toward a safer, cleaner future.  For questions on the rally contact Anna Sale, WV Sierra Club Conservation Organizer at 342-3182 or anna.sale@sierraclub.org 

How has BushCo hurt us (us being people who breathe air and drink water)?  Due to lack of several extra full-time staff members, we can only begin to count the ways (see below) and can only focus on some of the breaks Bush gives his Big Coal friends/funders, but there's a great compendium available if you click here
Click: Endangering the planet by denying the reality of global warming
Click: Ignoring the draft Environmental Impact Statement on mountaintop removal
Click: Proposed gutting of buffer zone rule--a break for mountaintop removers
Click: Proposed mercury rules--a break for coal-fired power plants
Click: Trying to punish whistleblower Jack Spadaro--a setback for the safety of miners and coalfield residents
Click: Granting favor after favor to Big Coal--big funders of BushCo
Click: Making it harder for miners and their widows to get black lung benefits
Click: Intentionally screwing up clean-air lawsuits and New Source Review regulations

Click: Allowing the coal-industry to co-opt the push for cleaner energy  and a hydrogen economy
Click: Promoting the myth of "clean coal"
Click: Ordering the IRS to stop investigating synfuel scams, which are bilking taxpayers out of billions of dollars

In case you haven't had enough, you'll find links to more stories about BushCo's favors to Big Coal--at your expense--when you click here
All Weekend and Beyond: Fahrenheit 9/11
For another side of what Bush is doing, you might want to take in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, which  is opening in Charleston over a week earlier than originally scheduled.
Click for times: Marquee Cinema, Southridge (south of Charleston on  US119). Also showing at the Park Place Cinema, in downtown Charleston, 600 Washington St. and at Cinema4 in Huntington. Check www.ourshowtimes.com or  www.f911tix.com/results.php?st=WV.
Have an excellent Independence Day weekend!

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